Sunday 4 September 2011


After climbing the Lych Gate they looked round for more to climb and decided that the Laburnum Tree would be next.
Ethan tests the rope tied to the branch.

Tristan's not so sure he likes climbing the tree.

Duncan who has climbed the other branch stops when he hears Tristan groan that he wants to get down.

Ethan and Ben wait at bottom of tree while Duncan helps Tristan down. Tristan decides he has had enough climbing for one day  Ethan and Duncan go back to the house with him. Meanwhile Ben eyes up the rope left hanging from the tree.

He makes a loop for his foot winds the rope round his arm and hand and he is off and swinging!!
'Hey Duncan, Ethan come and see what I can do!' he calls out but the others have gone in .

'Never mind more swings for me' thinks Ben as he continues playing on the rope.


  1. Great fun, nothing quite like swinging from a rope from a tree, Ben certainly looks a dab hand at it! Wouldn't get any playing done in our garden today, wet and miserable again...guess it was too good to last!

  2. yes , it's lucky they did their climbing yesterday, it's been raining hard here today too. hopefully the sun will come back sometime soon :)

  3. I can see that young Benjamin is going to be a real handful...he is going to lead the rest of the boys into bad ways :)
    Fab pictures though Dee!!