Friday 23 September 2011


A box arrives and Duncan and Toby are very curious about whats inside!

" I wonder whats in here?" says Duncan
" Maybe it's Ross from Kendal's brood , He likes travelling round in boxes! " states Toby
" Don't be silly " says Duncan " this box is too small for Ross "
" Maybe he's a little chap!" states Toby determined to be right " you cannot tell from pictures how tall someone is! "

" It's not Ross " says Duncan firmly " Mum said we could open it, so you'll soon see "

" Mind your head Ross! Your going over" calls Toby as the box tips.
"I'm just warning him, incase he's in there" says Toby sulking

" Oh " says Toby disappointed " It's not Ross. He does not travel in newspaper" he says with all the authority of his five and 1/2 years.
Duncan pulls out all the newspaper.

" Maybe it's mum's new red head?" wonders Toby getting excited
" I very much doubt it, she definitely would not be travelling in newspaper" says Duncan

" It's the baby's Radio Flyer Trolley" says Duncan
Toby is disappointed he was hoping for someone new to play with. He perks up when Duncan tells him he can go and get some of the babies to come play with the new toy.

" Look James ! George has put his toy in , you can put yours in too" says Toby

James is not sure, he likes his gorilla and he does not want him to fall out!.
after some persuading ....

James puts his toy in too and the boys play happily with the new trolley. Meanwhile Toby wonders where Ross and his box are? Maybe they have gone to the beach? or off on another adventure to another country!....


  1. were meant to be saving..not buying even MORE toys for the kids...they are so spoilt :) They look to be having fun though!!

  2. They certainly are spoilt, although they do look as if they enjoy all their toys :-) What fun!

  3. This is my problem! I cannot resist getting them things, I'm sure I could have bought one and a half red haired sasha's by now , if the were all naked and toyless...;)