Saturday 3 September 2011


Due to the lovely weather this afternoon, I decided to take a picture of all the boys together.
Starting from the left , we have Adam,Toby,Ethan,Tristan,Duncan and Ben. After the photo's Adam and Toby decided to come back indoors to play with their cars. But the others decided they would go down the bottom of the garden to play...the following pictures are what the tikes got up to!!

They all decide that they'd like a birds eye view of the garden and debate how to get high enough off the ground when Ben has the 'bright' idea of climbing the Lych Gate.!

Duncan goes first ,then Tristan who leans down to help Ben who is standing on Ethan's back so he can reach Tristans hand.

'Come on' calls Duncan 'follow where I climb and be careful '

The boys all help each other up the Lych Gate.

They all make it safely to the crossbar of the Lych Gate.

A view of the boys on their perch.

Duncan points out the view to Ethan.

Duncan eye view from top of Lych Gate cross bar.
'HURRAH' cheer the boys, pleased with their climb. ' Lets go climb something else' Ben cries and  start's to climb back down.

More of their antic's tomorrow.................


  1. Those boys are certainly a handful Dee! You keep them very well dressed..which reminds is the '69 redhead fund going...managed to put another 69p towards her yet...or having you been buying the 'kids' clothes again :)

  2. There was certainly some good team work going on there to climb the Lych Gate. Sounds like they had a good enjoyable afternoon. What's next? Potholing? ;-)