Friday 16 September 2011


Although the day started quite overcast, by late morning the weather was warm enough for Kirsty to take the babies into the garden .

All the babies sit around waiting for Kirsty to start to tell them a story.

There they all are, from left to right Sweet baby James,Rosie,Elton Ron,Dulcie and George. But what's this! suddenly the babies are invaded.......

Even Kirsty gets some close attention!

"What ya doing?" " Can we do it too?" " look i'm sitting on Jamie !" " theres no writting in that book"

" Look That books Empty!" says Kozie " How can you read an empty book? " asks Oasis

" Yep! there is NO writting in that Book" states Giggles from over Kirsty's shoulder.

" Do you mind" demands Kirsty turning to look up at Giggles " I do not need writing to tell a story ! "
"Oooh how do you do it then!" asks Giggles , giggling.

" I make it up in my head "
"Then why have you got a book?"
" because it helps me concentrate"
"Ok get con sa trat or whatever you just said! and we'll all listen"

"Well if you all sit quietly i'll begin"
"I'm always quiet "  "Me too" " Me Three" " No you are not you are always talking" " No i'm not, you are always talking"

Kirsty cough's very loudly and gives all the argueing Blue nose friends a stern look, finally they all go quiet.

" This is the story of the blue nose friends who could never keep quiet"
" I always keep quiet"
" no You Don't!"
" It's about me !"
"No it's not it's about Me "

Kirsty rolls her eyes and says sternly " If you do not be quiet, you can all go indoors and only the babies will hear the story"

All the blue noses look sorry and sit quietly after a very small amount of pushing and shoving to get the best position and finally Kirsty starts to tell the story of the blue nose friends who CANNOT be quiet "

"Who Said that ?"......

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  1. thankyou dee , esme loved the story and shes off to buy yet another bigger one today, a very cute kangaroo, she tells me the bird you have is a ltd edition and if you keep all tags on in a few months time it will be worth lots on ebay...esme though takes all the labels off including the silky white sewn in ones because she hates anything scratchy (i have to sew bits of fleece over scratchy parts of her clothes !)....sarah x