Sunday 11 September 2011


Yes I know I'm saving for a red haired 68/69 Sasha but It will be a long and lonely road and like most Sashaphiles I will fall by the wayside now and again ! Temptation is constantly put in our way, we have to check all the Sasha sites and places just to see what is around and available, we are of course only looking!! we have no intention of making a purchase! But we must keep up with the current dolls available.......which is why another wheel  dropped off my wagon!

Below is a picture of Zak who decided despite my every resistance, that he needed to come and live with me!

He needs restringing and already as his hospital appointment with Brenda for the begining of next month.But he wanted to say hello.

And by the way , have you seen the lovely dolls Shelly as listed on her wedsite, there are a few more nice redheads...sigh............


  1. Oh Dee..just think you have made little Zak's day and given him a nice new home and lots of brothers and sisters...I suspect another wheel is going to drop off your wagon before you get that 69 redhead...hope so..I love reading about your kids :)
    Welcome Zak!!

  2. I have to echo what SS said :-) Zak looks like he is very happy to be in his new home all snug and warm in his wonderful outfit. As a lover of the boys I can quite understand how your wagon wheels fell off! Certainly my lads will look forward to a get together with yours sometime, imagine the mischief they will get up to!