Saturday 3 December 2011


On Tuesday Zak and Liberty were sent off to hospital. Liberty who is the first Sasha I ever bought had decided to get wobbley leg syndrome and was in need of new stringing in her legs.

Now Zak had arrived with his arms held in by some very strange wide pink elastic and his legs string so tight it had caused some chest caving. He does had a few other play marks but is a lovely looking boy. He has been very sad since arriving being unable to play because of his loose arms and the ache in his chest.
But I finally got my act together and posted him and Liberty off to Brenda Walton for some dolly treatment.

Well they left on tuesday morning and arrived home safe and well on friday morning, such service, they had no time to get home sick.
Zak has nice new strings and no chest caving and Liberty now stands without trying to take a dive.

Here they are posing on the Lych gate.Liberty is doing some modelling of a sweater I'm selling.

" Look Mum! I can hold my arms out "

" Ooo Thats a big flower, Shall I pick it for you? Look I can reach ,Mum, I can! "

" Hey Mum Look !  I can climb the tree now"

Mmmm I can see that Zak is going to take a little while to calm down from the excitement of being able to do things!

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  1. Zak is definitely a little rascal now he has recovered from being in hospital!