Friday 30 December 2011


I hope everyone had a good and happy christmas. My Sasha's were very lucky and received a couple of gifts.

My friend Gill gave me this wonderful outfit which I have put on Grace, lovely purple boots, white trousers and a beautiful purple and white sweater and hat knitted by her. I think it suits Grace with her red colouring.

 Toby also received a present from his friend Henry,he was very excited when he finally got to open it.

" A car! I love it" Cried Toby who spent rest of day playing cars.

"Thank you Henry" says Toby shyly.

And the DH said he would buy me my Red haired Sasha!!!!! But dont get too excited I said thank you but it was more than he realised, told him half of the cost which he was surprised by but he gave me some money for my fund so I am closer than I was Before christmas but still a fair way to go.

Just because it was christmas did not stop me looking at all the sites once boxing day arrived! I even saw a Gregor I was tempted by but although he was a 60's boy at a very very good price I resisted and kept my 68/69 fund untouched!! Which for me is somewhat of a miracle ! I  still have a few things to come for my 'children' before I must be good and only purchase something I truely cannot resist if I am to get my 68/69 red in 2012. Yes I can hear all those who know me laughing at that statement...


  1. Glad you and the kids had a good time..really happy for you that the 'red' fund got a boost!!
    I think each of us should all write out a wish list in the New Year and encourage each other to stick to it and stop all the impulse buying that we are all so guilty of :)

  2. I would be happy to write out a list but I know i'll still buy! I'm just hoping to not buy sooo much in 2012 unless ofcourse it's one of the dolls from my list......