Friday 9 December 2011


This week I received a lovely parcel from my secret santa. The Sasha's were very excited to see what was inside and so was I !

A lovely festive box filled with goodies for the Sasha's and me. Dungarees, a cardigan, hat and cape, some chocolate ( which I say is for me but the Sasha's disagree!) and a sweet little rabbit with her own basket,cushion and carrots!
I owe all these lovely gifts to a lady from Texas called Virginia. Which is nice to know and I thank her most sincerely.
But I sent my gift believing that it was secret! as in SECRET SANTA!  Was I mistaken? was I supposed to add my name? It was the first time I have taken part in Secret Santa so I thought it was meant to be a secret!!!!
Would be interesting to know what others did/thought?

However once again Thank you Virginia , I'm now off to wrestle the chocolate out of the sasha's hands! will it be tears before bedtime???? mine...

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  1. Oh No! I can't believe it is nearly Christmas!
    As you can tell I love Christmas...not :)