Sunday, 4 December 2011


Are you a lover of dolls ? or a lover of Sasha dolls? or a collector of Sasha dolls? there is a difference.

 Sasha doll  collectors will own Sasha's in their orginial clothes and they will be displayed in glass cabinets to be admired and added to as and when that longed for missing doll appears for sale.They will be wanting to have dolls across all the Sasha years and styles or may only collect the Trendon or Gotz .

A lover of Sasha dolls again will only collect Sasha's but will purchase the ones they want and be happy even if they do not have their orginial clothes and will not feel the need to acquire them. A waif or two will be among their collection. They will purchase clothes to make their dolls look lovely and appealing.

Now we come to a lover of dolls...... I am a lover of dolls so will give you my thoughts on this. I loved dolls as a child, was always out pushing my dolls in my twin pram ( until my younger brother decided to take one of the springs and lost it ! ) and I loved to dress them and put them to bed. I progressed to a Tressy ( not interested in sindy!) tressy's hair grew! by then I would make my tressy clothes from scraps of material, no patterns were needed just a pair of scissors and a needle and tread.

Then I became an adult and dolls were left behind  while I explored the big wide world , got married and had three daugthers, which reintroduced dolls back into my life. Dolls and teddies were bought and dressed and cared for , by myself as much as my girls!
If I was in their room and a doll was naked and buried under other toys , I would rescue said doll , dress her and place her where she could watch the world go by. Nutcase to you...but saviour to a suffericating doll or teddie.....
Then the girls grew up and dolls again were packed away .

And while I was sleeping the doll world moved on, until one day I was coasting on ebay and there she was A Sasha and the rest is history, my sleeping doll lover awoke and many Sasha's and gregors later here I am !
But I'm a doll lover which means that as I wait to buy my next Sasha or Gregor, other dolls  appeal to my doll loving soul  and having been awaken from my sleep I see all the new dolls that have been made and designed .

Which is why I also own a Sylvia Natterer doll, a boy and girl Cats and kidz and three gotz dolls, a precious day red haired ( naturally) doll and two Sarah/ Hannah dolls.These dolls have fed my need for a doll without costing too much when I'm trying to be good. However they too have needed to be dressed and cared for! so maybe not such a saving after all!
 And one of my reasons for having these dolls is that when and if I get any grand children these are the dolls they can play with until they are old enough to have a Sasha or Gregor, if they would like one...of course I'd have to buy them one because they cannot have one of my children! and I would have to have it sent direct to their home because if it came to me and I took it out the box and I held it...Well It would suddenly have the need to stay a while...a year or six ....

So there you have it, the confessions of a doll lover.... Now I'm off to look at Shelly site to see if the red haired sasha I'm saving for is still available or if I'm going to have to cast my eye over another doll on that site. I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of Tally (red haired) and Molly ( blonde) who I will let children play with....honest!!!


  1. Definitely a doll lover. Mostly cloth dolls. I can't have too many though, as then I feel like some are neglected. (which isn't to say that I don't have quite a number of dolls of all types because I do lol)

  2. I am a 100% Sasha Lover which means I buy only the ones I like..unfortunately, said dolls are normally expensive or I buy too many of them :) I do like other dolls but don't collect them due to Sasha adiction I can't afford to :) :)

  3. I'm a lover of Sasha dolls and a collector of Sasha dolls. I have some that stay in their original clothes and others that I dress, some that are kept in display cabinets and others in various spots around the house.
    I don't collect any other type of doll, though I do have my Mom's childhood doll - a Madame Alexander Jeannie Walker. She also recently gifted me her childhood collection of smallish plastic character dolls (not sure what people call them, but they're dressed in native costumes from various countries, or as brides, bridesmaids, nursery rhyme characters ...) most still in their boxes. They're in need of some TLC after spending ~50 years in storage, but I'm slowly sorting through them and staring to learn about their history. While I don't plan to add to this collection, I guess that owning them makes me a collector of them as well. Given that, I'd have to say I'm a lover of dolls too. :-)