Saturday 31 December 2011


I have been knitting some sweater dress sets to sell on ebay to help fund my red haired 68/69 Sasha, I thought I'd put some of the pictures on here to give you all something to look at while I sort out my next blog.

I have a few idea's for blogs but as usual they involve props and multi outfit changes and much picture taking!

My eldest daughter bought me a new camera for christmas which was very nice of her but means that I now have to work out how to use it! but at least the batteries will not suddenly drop out like in the last one!

Now when I took the picture of these two sets the sun was shining and it made the lilac set look very white in places. So I will need to take another picture showing the true colour.

This set is in crofters dk in lovely blues and greens.

This set is again in crofter dk but in a strawberry mix with blues and lilac.

Crofters dk again but this time in a bright peach and pink mix.

Here is a picture of the three sets together. I think each girl looks so different .

Now this set is in a lovely 4ply sock yarn in a mix of purple,blue,orange and brown.

Here is another crofters set in blues with grey. I did want to knit up all of the different colour crofters I had and take a picture of about ten girls all together but I'm not that quick a knitter and it would probably be summer by the time I finished them!
I have another pink crofters finished  but needs sewing together. I do like this wool that gives the sweaters a Fair Isle look and they dresses go so well with boots and tights or Jeggings, which I bought from Judith at Dollydoodle.

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