Thursday, 31 May 2012


"Come along Bertie. Mum says you need a nice walk "

" Look at these pretty flowers, Bertie"

"Oh Look at all the lovely Wisteria! Mum will be so happy, the snow destroyed her other two last year and only this one is left!"

Turning the corner they meet Drago, the little dragon. " Hello" says Mitzi politely " I'm just taking Bertie for a walk "
" Huffo Mitzzi" Mumbles the dragon very loudly, Bertie's not too sure he wants to get close to the dragon!
"What's wrong with your voice?" asks Mitzi.

" I havef a toootf ack"
" A toof ack?"
Mitzi looks at the dragon puzzled then she works out what he said " Oh you have a tooth ache!"
" Oh poor you! I'll go and get you some medicine"

She hurries indoors to find her mum.

She tell's the other girl's about poor Drago's tooth ache and they all go searching for their mum, they know she will help make it better, that's what mum's do best !


  1. Mitzi is wearing a gorgeous dress and jacket! Bertie is very cute.

    Hope Drago's tooth ache goes soon, doesn't sound very nice.

  2. Lovely! Mitzi is very pretty...and I love the Westie!!