Friday, 11 May 2012


Hattie is searching the garden with Mitzi..

 " I'm so sorry Mitzi " Hattie is saying " I was sure I put your pink ribbon in my pocket!"
" Well you cannot find it" replied Mitzi " So it must be somewhere out here!"
They continued searching but still no luck when they heard someone singing!

"There's a bright golden haze on the meadooh, there's a bright golden haze on the meadooh
The corn is as high as a big dragons eyeeeeeee and it looks like his climbing clear up to the skyyyyyyyyy"

The last note was so deep it made the ground shake under the girls feet!

Mitzi looks round the corner "What can you see ?" Hattie whispers
"Nothing" mumbles Mitzi , " Well take you face out the bush and look! " commands Hattie

Hattie peers round Mitzi so she can see who's singing.

" Oh what a beautifullllllll" Drago catches a glimpse of the girls out the corner of his eye " Pair of Little girlsssss" he finishes with a flourish.

" Well who have we here " He rumbles " If's its no the Misses Harriet and Mitzi "
" It is Us" says Mitzi confused
" That what he said " Hattie confirms " But He said NO the Misses ?"
" Cos he comes from Scotland" " Oh " says Mitzi totally bewildered.

" What are you doing ? Drago " Hattie asks
" Can yoose no see!" the little dragon demands " I'm selling trinkets to the tourists"
" What tourists?"
"We are not tourists! We live here!"
That throws the little dragon for a moment " Well what I mean is I'm selling trinkets to the passers by ! Thats yoose" he points out helpfully

" And why are yoose, I mean you  selling trinkets in the garden?" asks Hattie
" Because " says the little dragon rolling his eyes" Ma Aunty Ness says she canna visit at the moment , cause its the height of the tourist season and she'll be needing to stir things up with a sightin or twoose!"
" So why are you selling things?" " Oh cause she said fer me ta make a visit to her"
Finally they understand what's going on.
The girls look over Drago's goods, " That's Dad's screwdriver! and Mum's cotton! " exclaims Hattie.
" It's treasure I found in the garden" says Drago " It's the law ! anything left overnight in the garden belongs to whichever Dragon lives there!"
" Oh!" Says Hattie " I'm sorry Drago, we did not know that law"
Appeased Drago , points out all his wears to the girls " Is there no something ya fancy girls?" he asks
"Well" says Mitzi " I really love the pink ribbon" " Which one?" asks the little dragon sensing a sale
" The one round your neck"
Dragon looks confused "Round ma neck? Pink?"
"Yes Pink,Round ya... your neck" confirms Mitzi
"It's yoose lassie, quick come an take it before someone sees" Drago commands, Not being good with colours he had not realised that he was wearing a PINK ribbon, thank goodness the girls had told him before he met up with any of his cousins!He would have never lived it down!

Mitzi take the ribbon and ties it in her hair. " Why that looks prefect! " says Drago" yoose can have it fa free"
" Oh thank you Drago" smiles Mitzi

Drago goes bright green when Mitzi gives his head a kiss in thanks.
" Ma pleasure ma pleasure" says Drago blushing.
"We'll tell all the others about your wonderful things" says Mitzi happily
" Yes I'll tell Dad where he can buy a new screwdriver" adds Hattie
"Ock I'd no be disturbin ya father" Drago says hurriedly " just tell the wee lads and lasses, I'm here till Sunday!"
"We will " call the girls as they hurry back to the house.

"Lets ask Mum to pay for Drago to go visit his Aunty Ness" Says Mitzi
"  I'm sure she'll say yes" the girl's go back to the house looking for mum.


  1. Drago doesn't happen to have Henry Basset's missing Sasha baby in his collection of 'finds' does he? :)

    1. I asked him but he said no but that he had heard of a Dragon up your way who likes to sell unsuspecting Sashas/Gregors and babies on ebay ;0

  2. Hi Dee, looking at your blog stories again, I think you should write children's books illustrating them with your Sasha doll pictures. I'm not sure how many kids get to see these blogs. Any ideas?

    1. That's very kind of you to say. Must confess I do enjoy writing stories.

  3. Really enjoyed reading the story of Mitzi and Hattie searching for Mitzi's ribbon, so glad she found a very pretty pink one that suits her perfectly, Drago is very cute … not sure he'd like that compliment though - lol.

    Comment from Cathy