Sunday 27 May 2012


Well today has been very hot and not a lot of shade available in my south facing garden but managed to find a spot to take a couple of pictures, one of which I have put here.Miriam is modelling my classic summer hat which I am selling on blog and on ebay.


  1. Hope you are going to put the proceeds of your hat selling to buy the lovely Miriam a pair of shoes Dee :)

  2. Certainly has been hot today, although we have had a lovely cool breeze in our garden which is nice.

    Love your hats. :-)

  3. Unfortunately UNBEARABLY hot here in my garden, so much so that we had to spend the day indoors with all the windows wide open and electric fans swirling away in every room.
    A very pretty colour coordinated photo of Miriam in a shady spot. She looks like she is enjoying having cool, bare feet on such a hot day.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  4. Lovely colour combination - the dress and the beautiful Geranium! Looking nice and cool! And I am glad she is wearing a hat! Can't be too careful in this weather.