Saturday, 29 March 2014


After the Slate eyed girls post Kendal asked to see the girls wearing a different colour set. So last night I changed them and this afternoon had a chance to take the photo's.

Here we have Simone in the Purple/mauve set complete with toning ribbon.

Callie is wearing the beige set with another pretty ribbon.

" Oh No! " says Simone " That Cats heading this way!"
" Don't look at it and it may just pass by " says Callie quickly and the cat did just pass by , after mum stopped it a couple of times!!

Now we have Ava in the blue set with a fetching blue ribbon.

A closer look at Ava

A closer look at Callie. Tonight I'll change them all once again into the set they have not yet worn.

Later we find Robin and Zac in the garden " I wonder how long this is going to last !" Says Robin " I did not know we'd have to wear ribbon's in our hair!"

" I'm NOT going to school wearing a ribbon !" Robin continues " They'll call me a cissy!"

"Well you were listed as a Cissy doll when Mum bought you" says Zac
Robin's insulted " What! just because the lady did not realise I was a Gregor! Does not make me a cissy! "
he goes off in a huff with a very apologetic Zac following behind.

Callie's pushing a pram round the garden and appears to have two passengers!

Why it's Edward and Mossy !!

"How long's this going on?" Demands Mossy " I feel all restricted in all this green! I have a ribbon round my neck why do I need one round my head?"
" Because " says a patient Edward " Mrs Mum received a missive from Lady K asking why we did not have ribbon's on, so now we must wear ribbons !"
Mossy thinks about this for a few moments " Well I can hardly hear a thing with this round my ears! But if Lady k says Ribbon's are in ! Well we'd best not argue!"

" I think you both look very sweet in your ribbons !" says Callie looking at the bears glum faces

Edward looks out from the Pram " Please Lady K Are you sure that Panda's need to wear ribbons? "
"Who are you talking to? " asks Mossy looking but just seeing the garden
"Lady K!"
"Oh " says Mossy " Hey Lady K, bears don't want to wear rotten old ribbon's! We ain't girls! What are you up to? Eh! "
"Mossy ! " says Edward sternly
" Oh Thank you !" finishes Mossy...Edwards sighs and covers his eyes.......



  1. TRUST you Denise to turn a simple request into a hilariously funny post! I just had to laugh out loud as I got towards the lads and bears bits!
    All I originally wanted was to see the three pretty slate eyed girls in different coloured VS button fronted smocks to the ones that they had had on first ....PLUS some ribbons as I felt that without the ribbons they hadn't had the full treatment and loving care as the No-Navels had had.

    I even feel quite sorry for Robin and Zac, not to mention Edward and Mossy BUT seeing them has literally made my day.

    Really love Callie in the beige/white outfit and Simone looks much better than I though that she would in the lilac/ she was the one that I was most concerned about not suiting that particular colour. In fact it really suits her!

    Love the photo of the advancing cat!

    Looking forward to seeing the girls tomorrow in the third change of colourways and many thanks indeed Denise for all your time especially after a very heavy filled week at work.

    1. Moi! :) Your wish is my :) Glad you saw the funny side..

      I think the lilac/white I think will look good on all of them and we shall find out tomorrow when I redress them again!!! I know the beige can look good on redheads but I really liked the lilac/white on her so....

      I feel sorry for the boys especially as I have just realised that's Toby not Zac!!!

      Yes it was a busy week but now a nice easier one coming up :)

  2. Brilliant post Dee, I loved seeing the girls in their outfits and pretty ribbons, the cat getting in on the act, the little bears wearing their ribbons too and being wheeled about in a pram.....all very very good! The funny faces of the boys wearing ribbons too! I have to say that Robbin actually looks really pretty with his ribbon though, he'd make a beautiful girl!!! And little Zac, well what can I say, he's such a sweet little boy!
    A really great post!!

    1. Thanks Sharon. I will not be telling Robin you think he looks good in a Ribbon ! He may get the hump! Zac is indeed a sweet boy however Toby had swapped clothes with him to fool me and it worked! the scamps !
      Must dash Mossy keeps shouting saying he's going deaf because of the ribbon round his ears!!!

    2. Just goes to show how bad my eye sight really is - until Sharon mentioned the cat...... I thought that was apiece of rock....SORRY, PUSS!

    3. I know my photography can be bad but even I would notice a rock in the way of my shot!!! :)

  3. Poor old Mossy.... There's no way you could mistake Edward's Robin's or Zac's gender..... but Mossy.... are you SURE he's a he?
    The girls look wonderful though. Mine are now demanding ribbons - I'm 45 miles from home but can hear the screams of, 'Wheres MY ribbon?' from here.

    1. Jenni!!! Mossy would be shocked to the ends of his silver grey fur !! Should I start calling him Miss Mossy!!!
      The Ribbons are down to Lady K ! Who likes to see a well dressed young Sasha with no skimping!

    2. Sorry Mossy ---- It is obviously the way the ribbon has been tied under your chin as well as around your ears. It definitely reminds me of my Grandma's best friend, Crazy Old Flapper Alice. But of course, that is not YOUR fault but the fault of the ribbon festooner.

      Lord above! I think I better not show any more photos of my Sasha girls in their just-grab-whatever-you-can-find-out-of-the-laundry-basket gear. What will the Lady Kendal say? Mind you, things may be even worse now, as DH is not likely to notice if my girls are running around as nature (or Trendon Factory) made them whilst I'm away.
      Then there is Mother, who is is one of those ladies who learned to knit in the Make Do And Mend days of WW2, but the recipients of her garments were always happier to make do without them, so the girls are likely to be wearing an assortment of shapeless garments in shades of mud and mustard, as I did when young.

      Can't be lounging around in the National Health Hotel much longer. My Sasha children need me to rescue them for bad clothing (or at least from even worse than usual clothing). Added to that, I'm hungry!!!! Why does this hospital seem to only serve reconstituted dried vegetable soup? You know the stuff - little 5cm cubes of tough dry stuff floating in not-quite-transparent fluid completed by the mandatory lack of taste at all. Today being Sunday and Mothering Sunday at that, we might receive some cheap white bread that has been waved at the toaster and the margarine tub, just to make the soup more of a treat. Then, if we all lie down like good patients and don't demand any hot drinks at 4 pm, there could be some of that bright pink mousse that looks like taramasalata for pudding.

      Let me out!!!! I am a person not a (NHS) number!!

  4. Great post Dee! Love the ribbons on everybody! I did have to look for your cat though...that was fun! Poor Robin being called a Cissy. He hopefully will shake that name and have more masculine pursuits now ;). Mossy and the panda are just adorable in your lovely pram! Hugs, Ginger xxx

  5. I have been absolutely worn out ripping out a fireplace and a kitchen and Lady K contacted me to say I really must fire up my ancient computer to see what my other set of nieces and nephews and wonderful bears were up to and I am laughing so hard here and its done me a world of good. Hilarious Dee. Please reassure the boys I wont show their cousins but I would love a pic of the bears being pushed in the pram as it is really frameable. See you soon xx