Thursday 27 March 2014


Claudia wondered how would we find out about the lovely people that do not blog! But that do come along and leave a comment now and then  and who are our Sasha friends!
So this blog post is for YOU!

If you would like to leave seven facts about yourself in the comments, then we can all get to know more about each other. Those of you are unable to leave a comment can just send me their seven facts and I will leave them in the comment section.



  1. Dee,

    Thank you for this it is fun to read the list

    Thought I would give it a try.

    1. born in Ohio USA first job that paid me was baby sitting age 12 or 13.

    3.Was married when I was 19. It will be 47 years may. Its by far the

    hardest job I have ever had.

    4.Use to be very organized to the point my hubby would say it was

    like living in a model home with nothing out of place. Age has allowed me

    to relax more.

    5.A mother to 2 grown sons who are my pride and joy. This brings me

    10 grandchildren 5 boys and 5 girls. A little great grand daughter about 9 months.

    And 2 to be grandsons when the weddings happen day to come later.

    6.I have always loved dolls from tiny and still do. I would get a doll for Christmas and birthday

    from my parents and my god mother. The 16 inch Sasha / Gregors' are my favorites now as I sew for

    them. I did learn hand sewing on Barbie and Ken

    7.Love all the Sasha blogs and the wonderful ladies who share their dolls and talents with me.

    Let me know I am not the only senior who has fun with her dolls. I still enjoy them in a different

    way but have just as much fun making things and dream of a doll house to hold my family.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


    1. Hi Karen
      Thank you so much for taking part :) I used to be organised when I was younger but now I have trouble finding things because I have let that slip!! but hope to do better!!
      I to dream of a sasha doll house for them to live in and in my case use for the blog stories!
      It is lovely to know more about you and thank you for taking the time to visit
      Dee x

  2. Hi Dee
    When I open your blog I never know what to expect. Loved reading about you! Then I wondered what I would write if I were a blogger.

    1/ The thing that people remember most about me is that I was married at 17. I call it my invisible tattoo. Yes, we are still married. Met Alan when I was 16 & he was 21. He had just emigrated to Canada. That was in 1967!!

    2/ The only connection I have to the Beatles is that my paternal great grandfather was born & raised in Liverpool. He was a home child & came to Canada to work when he was very young. Records indicate that someone in Canada paid $10 (£5) for him work. Eventually he paid off his debt to them & then went on to have a successful life. We didn't know this until our oldest traced out family history.

    3/ I went to university when I was 35 yrs old to study social work and graduated when I was 40. Full time university & 4 teenage daughters was a very full plate. I think the fact that everyone said I couldn't do it spurred me on to finish. Sheer stubbornness!!

    4/ I fell in love with Sasha in 1975 & bought one for my then 3 yr old daughter. Bought 3 more for my daughters in the late 70's. They still have their dolls. Their has been nothing doll related in our area for many years. Now retired I spend time in the internet buying Sasha dolls. At present I have 13.

    5/ I have loved to sew for many years. Made my daughters clothes when they were growing up & many doll clothes. Few of them survived the test of time and most are long gone. I am relearning to knit which I am really enjoying.

    6/ My lifelong passion is reading. Love to read mysteries and about strong women.

    7/ My first trip to Britain was in 1967 when we were on our honeymoon. Have been many time since. I have a plan to attend the Chat N Swap and see all of the wonderful Sasha things. I am really looking forward to meeting you.

    Hope that this isn't too much info

    1. Hi Carol
      Thank you for taking time to tell us seven things about you!. I used to make my dolls clothes when I was young and also for my daughters dolls. Now I knit for my sasha's but have yet to sew anything!
      I have three daughters :)
      I love to read and would read all the time but since sasha came along and I started Blogging I have less time now.
      It's never too much info :) we are women, mainly, so are naturally curious about everyone !
      Thank you for visiting and commenting
      Dee x

  3. Great idea! I just love meeting new people and then getting to know them better!

    At the moment I am still struggling to find the time to write seven things about myself for my own blog award (also very kindly given to me by Sharon Humphreys) as still out and about looking for new replacement garden fence panels after last month's storms.....but hopefully might now have got there as just waiting for their quote.....but then on the other hand if it's too high and another Sasha might have to 'hit the dust' I might be 'back to the drawing board' again!
    (Could transfer them over here later if you so wish.)

    1. Thank you Kendal. It would be lovely to have the sven facts about you , alos added here once you decide what you wish to reveal!!!!! :)

  4. Hi Dee
    Well, Sharon kindly nominated my not very productive Sasha blog too, but I can't get enough computer time to go through the blogs I read and make sure they are not either already nominated or 'award free' blogs belonging to people who don't want to be involved. So I'll do my 7 'this is me' items here first.

    1. The reason that I'm short of time on-line at the moment, is that I'm in hospital and can only use the library computer for 1x15 minute slot per day.

    2. I am a butterfly brain when it comes to hobbies and always have several things on the go at any given time, so there is a marked tendency for things to never be completed in a reasonable time - my longest standing 'to be finished soon' work is the applique and embroidered baby quilt which I began in 1965 in primary school needlework class and, two now adult children later, has never QUITE been properly finished.

    3. Technically my title should be Dr. as I hold a doctorate in psychology but I've never used it because:
    People assume I'm an MD and tell me about their symptoms at every social gathering and expect a diagnosis or even a prescription for medicines.
    People assume it is my DH who is the doctor and address letters to Dr. & Mrs., anyway, so what's the point?!
    My greatest achievement in life is being a mother and a wife to the dearest man in the universe, so why wouldn't I think it more prestigious to be 'Mrs.' than stuffy old Dr?

    4. I became a teacher because I hated some elements of my own school days and was sure there had to be a better way of teaching/learning. There was......until politicians decided to interfere again and said they knew more than the professionals because they had gone to school in 'the good old days' when a spoonful of brimstone and treacle and a sound beating was administered every morning to all pupils to encourage a healthy body and a receptive mind. The bit of my eduction I hated most was at a famous girls' boarding school near Brighton, paid for by the Civil Service whilst my parents were working abroad. This was close to the system used there - in the UK, the higher the school fees, the more atrociously the children are treated! Fortunately, after running away twice, I escaped and discovered there were schools where 12 year olds were not considered convicts for the crime of not being under 11 or over 18.

    5. I'm addicted to Marmite - for those who are not familiar with this strange, brown yeast extract, it is something that divides the British nation - there are lovers and haters of Marmite on toast, nobody is indifferent to the stuff. My addiction may be as a result of time spent as a convict near Brighton, where the stuff felt like a treat next to the normal fare.

    6. I love reading but, now I need large print editions, am frustrated to find that poor vision is expected to go hand in hand with suddenly only being able to stomach unrealistic romantic fiction, ancient Westerns or crime fiction of the sort that has a glaringly obvious ending by the third page! I am on a crusade to teach publishers that the decline in brain cells and the decline in visual acuity are not necessarily directly proportionate.

    7. I'm actually 6 years old and only masquerading as an adult. Shhhhh! Don't tell anyone, I've been doing this for half a century now as, being a grown up means taking life seriously and I don't want to. My toys and childhood books are DEFINITELY of more importance to me than tax returns and I KNOW the Easter Bunny will be coming to visit me soon. Grown ups can't say these things because they are silly enough to stop believing they are true, which is why the Easter Bunny won't give them choccy eggs and they have to be scared of the tax man.

    Going back to play in the play house with the kids in the children's ward now. Bye!

    1. Wellll Hello Dr Jen ! I keep getting a pain in my right ankle, do you have any ...opps Oh I forgot you are not a proper Doctor!!!!! lol :) just kidding
      I have never eaten Marmite but I am sure I don't like it!! lol
      Reading almost my first love , when the young my chldren would call me and my husband would say " Mum's got her head stuck in a book, she cannot hear you!!" and it was true...I had to drag myself from the pages....
      Love toys and dolls and childrens books etc Not sure about the Easter Bunny but the toothfairy's due here the end of April with a big bagf of silver!!!
      and I want Paul to build a castle in the garden for the grandchildren.....shh don't tell him it's really for me to play in...I might let the kids in when I get some...... :)

  5. Please tell me that The Easter Bunny isn't a fantasy!!!! I suppose next someone will tell us that Santa Claus and the Toothfairy don't exist either!!! ;)

    I'm loving hearing about everyone, this was such a great idea Dee to ask people who don't blog to add things about themselves here! It's all very fascinating reading. As I read these I think "oh my goodness I should have said x, y or z".....

    And I'm a little curious as to Jenann having been "a convict near Brighton" !!!!! The mind boggles!
    Keep 'em coming!!!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Does the Easter Bunnt bring chocolate eggs? If so I believe I believe!!!
      It's great hearing about the non bloggers and I totally agree that it makes you like Oh I should have put x y z!
      She's probably been inside for crimes to Connor who is missing yet again!!
      Ps I knew what she meant :)
      hugs Dee xx

  6. Heehee!
    Read point number 4 above the Marmite one, Sharon!
    I felt like a convict at my loathed boarding school - it wasn't actually the school work but the delivery of the lessons by women that appeared to have died several decades before and who clearly felt we were not worth their time, the awful food and, unlike my dorm mates, not being able to get up before we were told.
    I ran away. My brother was a chorister at York Minster - his voice broke and he refused to do any work in class so they sent him away and he went to the Persian Gulf with Mum and Dad so I thought I'd get my own way too... no luck though, I was sent to live with my aunt in Yorkshire.
    PS - The Easter Bunny, Santa, Tooth Fairy and the Bwbach in our chimney are very real, it's just that the grown ups are too stupid to notice them. Not sure I believe in the tax man though.....

    1. How come the boy's always get special treatment!! I hope your aunt in Yorkshire was nice :)

    2. Oh yes, Auntie M was always such fun - actually a Great Aunt, she was in her 70s but did amazing things like signing us up for ice skating lessons together and she was far more inclined to have my friends round to share a huge tea after school than my parents were. She LOVED people and everybody loved her. She even got invited to most birthday parties - often the only adult there - and she could put us all to shame as a dancer and sang-along-a Mick Jagger with gusto!
      As for James - the only reason he went to the Gulf with Mum and Dad was because nobody would have him to stay. He had religious mania and thought he'd been called by God to put the rest of us (including clergy at York Minster) in our place. He quoted Biblical verses at everybody, was critical of adults and would do his Prophet in the Wilderness act to such an extent that I've seen adults run and hide when he was about 14. Not sure how he coped with a Muslim society in the Gulf... Fortunately, my sister-in-law has manged to teach him some manners.... and we tease him about it all the time about the bad luck of his parishioners in the bishop's choice of a minister for them, so I will tell him I've told you to look out for his over-zealous ministry antics!.... Hi James! Got any holy thoughts to pass on to Dee and me?!


    1. I was born and grew up in Stoke Newington, north London.

    2. I got married when I was 19. I met Tony when I was 16 on my first day at work having just
    left school. When we were 17 we made plans to elope to Gretna Green and get married. My
    parents found out what we were planning and put a stop to it. My Mum wanted a big Church

    3. I love football and have supported Tottenham Hotspur aka Spurs for as long as I can

    4. I was a "Mod" in The Swinging Sixties and used to wear a mini skirt so short it only just
    covered my knickers.

    5. I love to go on holiday to the Caribbean and on a flight home once from Antigua, we had to
    make an emergency landing as the undercarriage wouldn't come down plus we had no
    brakes. Needless to say, thanks to a very good pilot, we all survived.

    6. Before I had my daughter Zoe, I worked for the City of London Police in the Court Processing

    7. Apart from collecting Sashas, I also collect handbags and have a vast collection in a
    wardrobe specially built to keep them all in.

    1. 19 a good age to marry :) Having the near death flight did not put you off going abroad again ! :) Love hangbags but have yet to get a special cupboard...maybe I should mention this to the other half...
      Dee xx

  8. Hi Dee
    I read other peoples '7 things' last night - and wondered what I'd say - so here goes:

    1. I'm a Geordie, born in Newcastle upon Tyne, but my home town is South Shields, so I'm also a 'sand-dancer'.
    2. I met husband Ray at University and we've lived in Surrey for 30 years, but hope to retire somewhere more peaceful and less expensive in the next few years
    3. Two 'children' - son is 25 and daughter is 23!
    4. I teach in a secondary school - working with students with special needs
    5. Had a Sindy and a Tressy as a child, but longed for a Barbie with her straight hair and bendable legs!
    6. First wanted a Sasha when I saw one in Bayeaux when our daughter was 3 - but she was not at all interested and insisted it was ugly - so I gave up.
    7. I also have a small collection of glass paperweights and small bottles - and a fair few teddy bears!

    1. I love the Geordie accent and also the Angel of the north is a brilliant ! :)
      Tressy was the best :) I first saw a Sasha and Gregor when my eldest daughter was about four so 1984? and wnat to buy her one but at £16.99 !! it was a lot of money and I would have needed two one for each, so I PUT IT BACK!!!
      Love Teddies and asmall things :)

  9. Hope it's not too late to join in. Here's my 7 things in no particular order.

    1. Top of my list has to be knitting - I love knitting and all things knitted. My family often complains that when I'm not knitting, I'm knitting in my head. For me it's great to always have something happy to think about but the down side is that our house is full up with balls of wool!

    2. Sasha - I only began my adventures in Sashaland a few years ago when I was ill and needed a distraction. I'm still not very knowledgeable about Sashas and the ones I have aren't the expensive kind but they all have names and (I know you will understand) personality.

    3. Watching Cycling - For many years we used to holiday in France but couldn't understand their obsession with the Tour de France. But since ITV4 started showing the Tour and other world cycling races, I have become hooked. Last years successes at the Olympics have made Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome well known but my favourite has to be Mark Cavendish, the way he sprints to the finish is amazing - that's why he's known as the Manx Missile!

    4. I love Leonidas Belgian chocolates. We can't buy them here but sometimes my husband brings me back a box from London - they are delicious. One time my son went on a trip to Belgium and bought a box. He very kindly took a photo and sent it to me!

    5. I have always loved dolls. As a child I had lots and lots, some to play with and a collection or dolls in National dress that friends used to bring back from holiday. One time when I was about 6 or 7 my Dad gave me the money to go into the petrol station and pay for his petrol, I returned to the car with a doll instead - needless to say that's one I didn't get to keep.

    6. Making things- as a child I was the one who got as much fun out of the packaging as the toy. I used to make dolls houses from cardboard boxes and furniture from match boxes. The making section on Blue Peter was my favourite.

    7. High heels- I like shoes, I like the look of high heels but I really can't wear them. They are ...just too high and I'm too scared that I'll fall over. At a recent family wedding I thought I could do it for the day but thankfully I had brought a pair of pumps so that I could put on the heels for the photos and then change. I think my aunt was right when she described high heels as 'sitting shoes' - but I still don't know how you're meant to get to the seat!

    Hope my 7 fits your bill :)

  10. I love knitting! But I am a slow knitter and a very good ideas person but without the skill to back it up!!
    I'm right with you in that Sasha's need name bcause they already have the personality!! :)
    Chocolates for me just have to be Cadburys!! :)
    I love the look of high heels too! But would fall off them if I tried to walk in them so I agree they are definiately sitting down shoes!!
    Thank you for joining in Rosie :)

  11. From Lel

    Hi Dee

    I love your blog, but for some reason I unable to comment on it....I have enjoyed reading about the Sasha fans...decided to write seven things about me....

    1. Born in Colchester,prematurely, on 27th March 1948 some weeks before the NHS came into being. My dear Mother was still telling me how much I 'cost' at the maternity home when she died!! Bless her

    2. Did the 60's mini skirts and big hair in London...I must have looked a sight....

    3. Went to school...very reluctantly...I always wanted to stay home with my Dachshund. Must have learnt something as I went on to College and managed to scrape a few reasonable qualifications in between parties.

    4. Married a lovely young Army chap in 1969 on the coldest March day recorded for thirty years...miracle of miracles, we are still together.

    5. Mother to two lovely boys...43 and 40 now....Granny to a 16 year old boy and three lovely girls....14 and twins of 10

    6. My maternal Grandmother collected dolls and would only let me play with them if I washed my hands and sat down! I have built and furnished a few Dollshouses until I fell in love with Sashas a couple of years ago and (thanks to Dee) I am still sliding down a slippery slope of 'just one more'....there are now two Gregors, eight Sashas and one baby hiding in various rooms...there will be more...I seem to favour the reds and waifs.

    7. I earned my living designing and making Wedding Dresses until I was medically retired in my fifties. I now enjoy sewing and knitting for Sashas and Gregors and selling the tiny clothes on Ebay. Retirement is great and I don't know how I ever found time to work.

    1. Thanks for giving us seven facts about you Lel. I had the mini skirts but not the big hair due to having such fine hair it just would not work! and this reminded me of waiting out side the London Palladium and seeing people like Dusty Springfield and Peter, Paul and Mary!
      And dolls seem to be the running link in this facts with everyone ! :)

  12. Love your blog Dee when I have the time to follow it and I wanted to join in with this, but events conspired against me until today!
    7 things about me!

    1.I was born a couple of weeks after VE day in a Bournemouth nursing home and grew up in Wimborne, Milford on Sea and Lilliput all on the edge of the New Forest. One of 5, Julian, Jonathan, Judith, Jane and James.
    2. I've always loved dolls and remember being taken to a toy shop to choose a doll for my 7th birthday. She had a pretty painted clay face with glued on fair hair and a cloth body. I called her Penelope and loved using my mother's Singer treadle sewing machine to make clothes for her, as well as knitting little hats and shoes.
    3. I always wanted a dolls house full of furniture together with a little family, but as I was told that would be too expensive, I used shoe boxes to make individual rooms and then spent hours furnishing these rooms with fabric scraps and made furniture with match boxes covered in paper or material.
    4. I've always had a few collections on the go - from stamps, old bottles, fossils, pressed flowers, plates etc and more recently Swedish Dala horses and of course Sasha dolls - I daren't even mention the mountain that is my yarn and fabric stash! I bought my first Sasha in the late 60's, a gorgeous brunette, when I had a little boutique in Exeter. I made clothes to measure and stocked a few simple dresses e.g. Laura Ashley shifts - long before she was a household name. I'd make little dresses even then as copies and have Sasha model them in the window. I so wish I still had that girl today!
    5. My one and only brush with royalty was at the Royal Devon County show where I had a stand selling little girls' velvet shifts with lace collars. The Duchess of Kent who opened the show admired them, and I was so nervous speaking to her that I totally missed out on an opportunity to earn that 'by Royal appointment' logo!! Lady Helen would have been about 4yrs old - exactly the sizes I had in stock.
    6. I met my DH the day after my 19th birthday at Dawlish Warren, while I was at college in Exeter, almost exactly 50yrs ago, but because my Mother didn't approve of him as he was 13yrs my senior we didn't get married until I was 25. Three children and six grand children later she's admitted that he turned out to be a lot better than she'd thought he would!
    7. As I spent my childhood within minutes of the sea and ending up raising a family in the centre of England I always hankered for a boat on the water. Once our children were through school and Uni we were lucky enough to have a narrow boat on the canal and enjoyed that wonderfully relaxing way of life for 20 odd years until my DH's dementia made it too difficult to continue. However, the ending of one hobby has allowed me to indulge my Sasha hobby in a way I'd never really thought possible before.

  13. I am one of five also! But due to my surname my Dad wanted us all to have French names , Jacqueline, Denise, Stephan, Michelle and....Susan! Yes Mum put her foot down and Georgina became Susan Georgina ! I wonder if it was hard for your parents to find five J names they likes as once they's started , they could not really leave one out !
    19 seems to be a good age :)
    I always wanted to live by the sea as a cancerian I am very attracted to water!!! How lovely to have lived on a boat! Sad to hear that your husband as dementia , it is an illness that seems to effect more and more family these days.
    How lovely to have had that 60's Sasha! and for her to have been a mini window model , did you ever take any photo's of her in the window? I would love to see them if you did.
    Thank you for taking the time to share seven facts with us
    hugs Dee