Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Sharon of blog Sharon in Spain was awarded the versatile blogger award by Nymphaea of The Doll Barn blog.

  The rules of this award are: choose 15 bloggers to pass this award on to, and tell the award giving blogger 7 things about yourself.

She kindly chose me for one of the fifteen to pass it on to! Unfortunately she also passed it on to most if not all of the bloggers I could have used, so I do not have many to forward it to!

However here are seven things about myself.

1/ I was born in South London and my playground was the site of what is now the MI5 building, the Tate Gallery, the Palace of Westminster, The Jewel Tower and Trafalgar Square and the art gallerys and museum's of south west London.

2/ My first job was for the National Westminster Bank in the Kings Road Chelsea in the 70's next to which Terence Conran opened Habitat a life style store and from where we bought our sofa's one of which we still own today!

3/  I was married at Nineteen in St Pancras Old Church in North London which is believed to be one of the oldest sites of Christian worship in England and where seven years earlier the Beatles had taken part in a famous photo shoot for the promotion of their single Hey Jude and the White Album.
And my husband had been an alter boy at the church when at school.

4/ I once collected my children from primary school with my skirt tucked in my knickers! but fortunately it was a long flowing skirt and I was in my early thirties, so still had a decent figure!!

5/ I am totally unobservant. Paul once shaved off his moustache and I did not notice until he pointed it out!!

6/ I have the hand written manuscript of a fantasy novel that I wrote in my thirties still waiting to be typed and polished!!

7/ I am a member of an archery club and have wandered the grounds of Castle Hedingham in medieval dress , shooting at targets in the woods and surrounding countryside.

So that's my seven facts about me!

I have only two left to pass the award on to who may or may not take up the baton and they are:-

Michelle of  Sasha and Friends

Karin of Sashamania

Thanks Sharon for giving me  the baton, I hope you like the answers :)



  1. Congratulations!
    I particularly loved reading the seven facts about you! I now feel that I REALLY KNOW you!

    Good luck in getting your fantasy novel printed sometime in the near future. If your blog stories are anything to go by it should be a hit!

    1. Thanks Kendal. That fantasy novel will probably be printed when I pass away and someone finds it old and dusty in a jumble sale somewhere!!

  2. Way to go Dee, very interesting things about you to be sure!!! It does help to learn about each other with a pond between us that makes it difficult/expensive to meet face to face. I am going to write 7 things too on my blog :). xxxx

    1. Thanks Ginger. I agree it's a way of finding out things about each other that may have taken several years of meeting and chatting about this and that!
      I will be dropping by to see what you have written :)

  3. thanks dee for sharing, im liking this window into peoples lives xxxx

    1. Thanks Sarah, I have just been to read your seven, you dark horse you! Travelling around Germany etc...It's very interesting to read these seven things about everyone :) xxx

  4. Thanks so much for doing this Dee, it was great to read your 7 facts! I was amazed that we both have the Beatles link, how funny is that!!! And you were such a youngster when you got married, weren't you!!! I know that you and Paul have been together since you were four!!!
    I really like these sorts of 'fact' thingies, I find them fun and now I'm off to read the others so that I can get a good insight into my on-line friends, so that when I meet them all eventually, (when I win the lottery!) then I'll be able to bribe them...I mean I'll know something about them apart from their dolls!!!!
    Big hugs, Sharon xxx

    1. Thanks for asking :) I was amazed as well about the beatle connection! Yes I was just a baby when I married and no I did not meet Paul in nursery but when I was nearly seventeen under the clock at Waterloo Station...... :)
      It's so interesting to know a few facts about people we 'know ' through the blogs.
      hugs Dee xx

  5. Loved reading your seven facts Dee! I loved and laughed at the fact that you picked your girls up from Primary school with your skirt tucked in your knickers, when you were younger.xxxxx

  6. Thanks Steve , trust you to enjoy that fact funny !! lol thank goodness it was when I still had a decent figure!! xxxxx