Sunday, 15 February 2015


Last night we visited with our good friends Tom and Kim, they helped out with the refreshments at last years Chat n Snap.

Well Kim is very into the Kidz n Cats dolls, so I take my camera, so see any new additions or how she's displaying them.

One lad was sorting out the front window!

A little showing off! letting go of the ladder!!

 Most of Kim's dolls are on the front window ledge , all busy doing this n that.

This lad , Kim's re wigged.

Maru and her friend Savannah were complaining about having to share a window with these 'Kidz' !

Three of the girls have taken over one of the cupboard tops, in order to be able to show off their lovely dresses without getting squashed .

The purchase of this American Girl horse was a direct result of seeing Jocelyn's at the Chat n Snap.

I'm not sure if the kid on top likes riding or is worried it's going to run off with her!!

This girl is wearing a lovely purple and pink duffle coat.

I love how you can get these dolls to pose, this one's on her knees, playing with the dog!

This girl is a rare Evita, only two were made with the smile, I don't think many people liked the look but they look nicer in the 'flesh' than they do in photo's.

Miss Pouty face looks very pretty in her Blue dress.

I love this new girl of Kim's who she bought for a bargain price of £45, someone's cut her hair but they have done a great job and she looks lovely, even Miss Pouty face looks impressed!

Love her and her dress, great fabric.

I took my boy Tom along to meet Kim, he is also quite rare due to now being discontinued.

Well we had a gorgeous dinner , the roast beef just melted in the mouth! Great conversation and a look at some dolls! What more could someone ask!!

Many Thanks Tom and Kim and many thanks to Kim for agreeing to come and help out again at this years Chat n Snap.



  1. Nice to see all these Kidz. How many does Kim have now?

    My Freya is the other smiling girl, Galina who has brown eyes. She's my favourite girl. Sadly the stock photos were not too wonderful so they weren't so popular but, as you say, they are much nicer close up.

    Love the girl with short hair...... Come here girls! Who fancies a hair cut??

    1. She is waiting for THREE of the new ones to arrive then she will have TWENTY FIVE!! She really wants a Galina but they are few and far between and always go for a lot when they do come up!
      Yes it's very tempted to cut one of the girls into that short style.... :) xx

  2. Obviously another doll collector after my own heart! I do rather wish that our Sasha Dolls could attempt some of these poses but then they wouldn't be Sasha Dolls so I guess that I can't have it all ways.
    Loving these displays around her house. So much more enjoyable even if, like my dolls, they do gather a little dust and fadings from the sunlight.

    1. That is true, but it would have been wonderful it they had adapted them over the years so that some of the newer ones had joints!! But I suppose we cannot have everything!!
      Kim is running out of display space, I told her to buy a lovely glass fronted cabinet and set up a couple of displays in there.

  3. I do believe that Kim had only about 13 or 15 the last time you visited Dee! Is she being infected with the buying bug each time you two meet up? LOL
    I love her displays and yes, Galina is one of my favourites too. I would like to get her but as you say, they only come up occasionally and then are expensive. I too am tempted by one of the new ones, though it is not the boy as I first thought it would be, but one of the girls of the same this space as they say!
    And I also noticed that there are now TWO Maru and Friends girls, I don't recall seeing Savannah last time you showed us Kims dolls so maybe she is a newcomer too?
    Lovely dolls, thanks so much for sharing them Kim and Dee :)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. You could be right Sharon! She's bought a few recently quite cheap off ebay plus she had Maru but received Savannah for Christmas, so yes Savannah's a newby!
      hugs Dee x

  4. Lovely post Dee! I enjoyed seeing these pretty dolls and their outfits very much! :) xxx