Tuesday 3 February 2015



"Who is there? " demands Mrs Mum " What are you doing on my drive at this time of night? "
The sound of something puffing travels across the snowy ground...

"Well ! " Mrs Mum calls out " Don't make me get Mr Dad , he won't like being woken up from dozing on the sofa you know !"

Mrs Mum moves closer to the walking chair which seems to have come to a stop!!
" Are you from Germany? "
" Ja! "
Mrs Mum is stunned , those Commoneo bears have walked all the way from Germany to England carrying their chairs!
She moves closer " You poor thing where are your friends, you must come inside and get warm by the fire , I'll make some hot honey drink for you all "

Finally close enough to see the bear , the bear waves " Ja Mrs Mum It's I Gunther "
"Gunther you are not a German bear from the Commoneo!"
" Ja I am most true a German Bear from The Commoneo's" he says confused
"No... I mean ....yes... you are but not the ones with the chairs!"
"But I have a chair!" says Gunther getting more confused by the minute " It's the chair you asked Mrs Digne to get for you ! Have you forgot! You send the coin and asked , remember? "
" Yes I remember " says Mrs Mum impatiently " But what are you doing with it in the middle of the night!"

Gunther decides that he had best start walking again or he'd never get that hot honey Mrs Mum had promised " I went to fetch it from the man with the post bag , he left it by the front wall and I did not want it to get wet from the snow "
Mrs Mum watches Gunther walk to the house while scanning the snowy night ,just in case she sees any more bears carrying chairs in search of a home of their own. She hopes those other bears ,far away, have found some shelter , then turning back to where Gunther is heading for the door calls .....
"Gunther! Lift that chair higher it's getting all wet!"
Gunther puffs and heaves the chair higher wondering if he should have just left it back by the wall after all!!



  1. Ah, great!
    The chair arrived and Gunther moves it into the house!
    Seems to be another act of solidarity, rewarded with Hot Honey.

    So good, Mrs. Mum decided not to wake up the dozing Mr.Dad!
    Hope your next days are undisturbed by bears walking from Gemany to England with chairs on their head :)

    1. Yes just as well Mr Dad was not disturbed! I would not mind the German chair bears popping in for a rest on their travels. :)

  2. Seems Denise that another of your wishes have come true.....and another box ticked!
    How lucky are your little bears then?

    1. Those little bears are spoilt , that's what they are!!

  3. Wonderful post, Dee! but.....I forsee disagreements....one chair and many bears...

    Of course, dear Gunther should have the first sit on it, whilst he drinks his hot honey drink (wouldn't that be hot mead?). That's a long way to trudge, chair on head, for somebodyxxxxx someBEARY so small. He's almost as brave as the Commoneo bears.

    1. Thanks Jen, Yes I think Gunther will indeed enjoy a rest on that chair, one chair for the many bears in this village does not bode well!!

  4. Phew, on the one hand, that's such a relief to hear that it's Gunther and not one of the tiny bears having walked all the way from Germany, but on the other hand, where on earth are those poor German bears who were turfed out of the Sasha's lounge over there is Germany?????
    I hope that they're not frozen into little Snowbears now :(

    1. I agree Sharon, It's good that it Gunther and not The CC bears but then where are they!! I hope not frozen in some cave! :)xxx