Saturday 21 November 2015















Gorgeous George my lovely red haired baby .

appears now to have a twin! The Glamorous Georgina !

A couple of weeks back I just happened to go on ebay and this little love was sitting on a BIN.

and where as George was well George this little one just made me think Georgina! so I hit the button and she came home.

They are fast friends already and Gina is settling in well.

Funny how things go with these Sasha's and Gregor's! It took me ages  a few years back to find and manage to buy George and I was more than happy with just him but then Georgina appeared and said what about me? So of course I said yes.

Strange how one can appear a boy yet another a girl ! But I am one very happy Mum to these two red haired tots.



  1. So glad she came to find her twin! They look great together Dee and that was a very clever intro to Gina!

    (My email is down - not sure why but it won't send and may not be receiving messages. Will set up another one and try again if the problem isn't sorted by Monday. Think Bertie might have hacked me and switched me off in a desperate attempt to stay in The Sasha Village. In the meantime, HOLLOOOOO to everyone......and Bertie, BEHAVE YOURSELF! Jenni xx)

    1. Thanks Jenni, she does look good with George and it's nice to have another baby girl.

      Hope you email gets sorted out, come to think of it there was a lot of whispering between Bertie, Trendon Mullins , Ollie and Wolfie yesterday! I'll have to check what they've been up to! I told them they'll be off home by end of the week as it's not long till...the 'big' day.. Dee xxx

    2. Hi Mam
      I don't know anything about that man at the mail cutting you off as youse a terror list! It was not me or my mate Trendon Mullins CIA , we know nothing!!
      Any road, Mrs O says I got to play lots this week as going home soon along with all the goodies you ordered at the CnS and by the way I'll let you know what are mine... pardon Mrs O?.. are you sure?... it seems you'll decide if I'm allowed anything from the stash!

      Don't know why I bothered to try everything on , if that was the case, anyway see you soon Mam, hope you got hot chocolate n marchmallows in we have them when it's cold here and I think we need them at home too!
      Got to go play
      Love Bertie

  2. Love your twins - good job they're babies as I can remember the trouble there was with Lucas and Connor!
    Love Bertie's letter to his Mam too - think he could do his own story before he goes home or perhaps he's saving his stories until then.

    1. Thanks Rosie :) Mmm Lucas and Connor in mini form..heaven help me if they grow up like them two!
      That Bertie is a right character ! Goodness knows what he'll do before or after he leaves! :)

  3. Bertie is an adorable rogue! The twins look great together

    1. He most certainly is! He's Mam does have her hands full with that one! I'm so happy with those little twins :)

  4. Awww what a sweet little twosome they make! Congrats on finding Gorgeous George's twin...b ut didn't you tell me just a few weeks ago that you weren't going to buy any more Sashas for a while? ;)
    Or do babies not count? Ahh maybe that is it then! LOL
    They make a lovely pair and to be fair to you, how could you send his sister away once you'd seen her sitting there on the internet just waiting to find her long lost baby brother?
    A great letter to Jenni from her boy! I expect she will be glad to get him home in time for Christmas.
    I hope you internet is up and running again soon Jen!!!

    Big hugs xxx

    1. Hi Sharon
      Feeling bad as I owe you, and several others, a message. Will be in touch very soon.
      J xx

      Ooh,Rosie, Connor and Bertie together........exhausting! I might just need a hospital rest again by the New Year. Connor is asking for 'musi-curl nimstrooments' for Christmas - bagpipes, violin and a trumpet are all on the list, with a drum kit too, if Santa feels generous. Eeek! Santa will be having a savings drive and not sending out much this year....
      J xx

      (sorry to use your blog as a message board, Dee)

    2. Thanks Sharon and I tell myself on a weekly basis that no more Sasha's etc, but one always seems to appear that ,well I cannot just pass by! and maybe babies are only half a Sasha?
      Bertie is certainly a very vocal young lad ;)
      I hope Jen sorts out her internet soon too!
      hugs Dee xxx

    3. No Probs Jen, glad you have a place to communicate! Mmm Drumkit, my lads are after one of those, so far I have managed to resist! xx

  5. (Twosome is another really nice word - bookmarked :)

    They are a cute and neat pair indeed. Happy find for the village!
    Great photos, Dee!

    1. Thanks Anne
      I just don't know how these babies keep worming their way in! But I do love them :)

    2. 'worming in' is ANOTHER great word.
      I must laugh if I try to translate it in german:

  6. What a simply fantastic idea to introduce YET ANOTHER NEW DOLL! (BTW you HAVE to be well OVER your self imposed 2015's limit NOW..... as even I've completely lost count!)
    We so love twins don't we? They are just so extra special!
    Love the little invented mouse using the little knitted mouse slipper.
    (PS. Haven't quite made up my mind as to whether this post was shot in the new studio or kitchen... but thinking the latter!)

    1. I thought so! :)) I have to say I have totally given up on that early limit for dolly buys must have seen it as a quest to achieve and not the limit it was meant to be! but then I have sold a few dolls , so think I may just about be under limit if leavers count against arrivals! :)
      Kitchen table shoot! Much easier until the warm weather returns next year.. hopefully by next winter I'll have an all weather studio!

  7. Dee, I am laughing out loud this very early Sunday morning!!! What a fabulous introduction to your new girl, Gina! I immediately thought of the classic Lucille Ball episode of I Love Lucy where she met up with Harpo Marx in this same manner, walking back and forth in a doorway, halariously funny! Well done!!!

    Gina is a precious addition to be a sister to your handsome George. They do look different from one another though very similar of course. Congratulations on adding Gina to the Sasha Village fold. Another great post!!! :) xxx

    1. I love to make people laugh :) I remember watching Lucille Ball and I loved Harpo Marx , I'll have to go and search for that scene on youtube ! :)
      I just could let let Little Gina pass me by :) xxx