Saturday, 28 November 2015


I wanted to share these couple of photo's I managed to take under the Lych gate due to the rain.

Off topic because it's not a Sasha but Elfine showing you the Villages new Reindeer. I have been after a reindeer for a couple of years but could not bring myself to pay the price for a Steiff one.

Then a friend showed a couple of great photo's on flickr with a reindeer like this one and kindly told me the make which is Hansa and so now Hans :) as arrived just in time for Christmas to help with the coming posts and to pull the sled.

I also changed a couple of my Kidz n Cats dolls into winter wear.

 Mike here is finally out of his original outfit , which I did not realise was covering his legs in black dust! So after a good wash, he put on this lovely winter set and is all cosy for winter.

A closer up of Mike who should have stood with Hans due to the reindeer on his top!

I also finally took Annie another of my kidz out of her original outfit and dressed her in a winter warm outfit.

Looks like Reindeer is a theme in this village ...

The clothes are by Nelly Rose who also makes for Sasha's and other dolls. Annies boots came from My Doll Best Friend website.

Well lets hope tomorrows not wet!

Hope you enjoyed this little off topic post will be back to the Sasha very soon.....



  1. Hans seems to be a very calm reindeer and will be a good help for the coming work/weeks.
    Good to know, that Mike is dustfree now -and he and Annie are ready for snow.

    Btw. we got some today here in the very middle of germany. I woke up and noticed it was so quiet outside. And indeed, it has snowed! A whitewinterwonderland for some hours :)

    1. Hans is the first name of DH, and our boys are doublenamed as well.
      Johann-David and Johann-Amos. Hans is a short form of Johannes > John in english.
      I love names -and naming :)

    2. Hans is a calm reindeer which is good we have enough diva's in this village, we do not need any more! :)
      I did not realise that Mike's jeans were covering him in black dust that was beginning to mark him until a lady on the KnC doll group asked if he had black marks from his clothes! So glad she asked !
      Oh No Not the S word!!! I am sure it looked beautiful and I would really not like to see any until my week off in January or February, well none that wants to settle and stay!

      That's interesting about Han's is name. I love knowing what names mean and that people pass them down to their children :)

  2. What a lovely reindeer, I was just admiring him on Flickr! He looks great with Delfine, doesn't he? And I'm sure she'll be taking very good care of him, so that he'll have all the extra energy needed for his busy work period coming up soon.
    And the two Kidz look great in their new winter outfits, very warm and cosy indeed!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. He is Sharon, I am very pleased to have finally managed to get one without breaking the bank! Elfine as you know being a Elf/Fairy is at one with all animals, so she's been very happy since he arrived seems to have calmed her down ?
      I love Nellie Roses clothes for the KnC dolls, especially these winter fleeces.
      hugs Dee xxx

  3. Pleased that you have finally managed to get your Reindeer and more importantly 'without breaking the bank!' Has he been harnessed up to your sleigh yet to get some practice runs in before the big night?
    PS. Noticed that the Agapanthus pots have been removed from the formal box garden into the safety of the greenhouse for the Winter.

    1. Thank you Kendal. The sleigh is still in the loft so won't come down until next weekend.
      Yes the Agapanthus have been cut back and placed undercover to sit out the winter months.

  4. Love your new reindeer Dee, he is wonderfully made! How nice to have these wintery outfits with lovely sweaters and reindeer too! Your Kidz look fantastic in these cheery outfits. A great post! :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger I am so happy that I found him :) It's nice to start going wintery with the clothes etc. :)xxx