Sunday 29 November 2015


The children sit and lounge about
No fear of whats to come
They play or read no cares nor needs
while waiting for their mum

Breakfast is all they think about
Cereal or toast
Porridge oats, Marmalade,
Strawberry jam or both!

They do not know that quite near
An evil plot is planned
That someone's anger rises up
to spread across the land

In total bliss, they do miss
the darkness that will fall
A wind so cold will sweep the land
it's come to chill them all

So for today, they laugh ,they play
Joke and mess about
But soon their fun will be none
and their quaking fears will out

D Owen




  1. Oh dear, you're not thinking of selling one again are you? LOL
    Great poetry as usual Dee, I think you need to start signing yourself everywhere as Denise Owen, Poet! I really do!
    Love the curly haired babty, he and his little doggy friend match so well!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. No Sharon , well none that are not already in the frame! :) That's kind of you to say sharon but I have never been one to need labels :)
      Quinn is a cutie wished I'd had the funds to buy his sister who was for sale at same time he was but never mind , he's here. Hugs xxx

  2. Oh no, what is about to happen??? I can hardly bare it :(. The scene is so peaceful and relaxed, love it!!! I also love seeing the bears reading their books and the boys and girls relaxed in their pjs. The curly head baby is adorable. Well, I will anxiously await their dire fate and hope it isn't too terribly bad. xxx p.s. Love the written verses btw. :)

    1. Only time will tell Ginger! ;) It's always calmest before a storm they say! It's certainly nice when they are all quiet including the bears.
      I just hope whatever's about to happen gets sorted before Christmas !:)xx
      you are too kind :)

  3. I don't think I should have read this before going to bed. I'm sure to have nightmares!

    1. Sorry if we put the terrors in your dreams ! :) but all looks care ..well at the moment.....

  4. This looks to be just how I like MY Saturday mornings. Lounging around in my dressing gown and PJs, reading the daily newspaper and catching up on the laptop activities before getting myself a full English breakfast.... followed by making a few family phone calls.
    Loving all the little details in this scene.

    1. I have to say I never lounge about in by nightwear! Once I'm awake I'm up and dressed.. maybe I'll have to try it out one Sunday?
      Glad you enjoyed the photo's :)

  5. Scareeeeee!
    Is the dreadful fate that awaits rantings and interference now that I'm back on-line? Hope not, kids, I am well-intentioned, honest! I only beat Bertie with a very small cane, and only on Sundays, to make up for any naughtiness that he has been involved in in the previous week that I might have missed........

    1. So glad :)) Poor Bertie maybe he should stay here for Christmas if he's only going to get a beating at home! What's that Bertie? Oh I see she just says she's going to beat you but when the drink kicks in, she just slumps snoring in the chair.... and you don't want Father Christmas to miss you... best head home then as we know mam will be in snoring.. I mean waiting...

  6. So calmly sitting together, what a lovely picture.

    I wonder why Mossy doesn't 'see' something coming.
    I thought, storms can't arrive furtively at the Village, because he's always aware of such events before!

    1. Thanks you Anne.... Is Mossy looking at the book or in a trance of things to come???? :)