Monday 23 November 2015


1968 Sasha girls in the Village!

With the arrival of Teddie on the left to be Babs twin it seems we how have five 1968 girls in the house.

Part of me thinks I do not need another wide faced 68 blonde and then I start handling her and then I think, well she's not exactly like her twin.

Bab's on the right is a little smaller than her sister and a little darker, their fringe's are also different.
So maybe Teddie will stay a little longer!

Joined by J.. Belle they are the same but different !

 and here they all are, starting with Teddie on the left, then Meredith, Belle, Jenny and Babette

It was very hard to get the flash not to catch one of their eyes!

The girls are all wearing Karen Warnaka smocked dresses.

I will be changing some of the girls into Karen dresses over the next week or so.

Hopefully they'll not get cold in their pretty dresses while waiting for Christmas to arrive.

Next I'll have to get the three 1968 boys ready for Christmas.



  1. The girls look lovely Dee and so prettily dressed. Welcome to Teddie, is that short for Theordora perhaps?
    I wonder if you will need to get another brunette now, I know how you like even numbers! ;)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Thanks Sharon. She's only called Teddie for the Beverley sisters and that Teddies name was Hazel? so where Teddie came from I have no idea!
      I think I need a single fringe red head.. the one that belongs to Steve! lol problem is he loves her too much and won't let me have her! Drat!
      Hugs Dee xxx

  2. Don't encourage her Sharon! They look well balanced with their hair colours as it is. I think that I'm right in thinking that the three in the middle are 1968 Fringe girls and the two on the outsides aren't?
    The Beverley Sisters were very popular in MY day!

    Look forward to seeing your three 1968 lads joining them very soon. Should make a superb photo. Have you thought and decided how you are going to place them in line as yet. I should think that the Gregor Shorts lad will have to take centre position, being the only red haired one, but that will leave odd numbers on each side of him?

    1. LOL we both know that Dee does NOT need any encouragement Kendal! ;)

    2. Only two single fringes Kendal, Meredith and Belle , so I really need Steve gorgeous red haired girl, shame he loves her too much .. drat him! :)
      Robin of course takes centre spot, he just knows he's the bees knees! only that red haired girl could knock him off that spot or share it with him!

      I'll be dressing those Boys soon and letting them show off their winter woollies! :)

    3. Sharon I don't NEED encouragement but I do appreciate it! :) It's always good to be able to say but SHE encouraged me.. ;)xx

  3. These 68 girls are just gorgeous and they look lovely in their dresses by Karen. A vision of loveliness! I love seeing them all in a row so you can compare them to one another. Fun to do! I have to side with Sharon and think another 68 girl would give a balanced even number though I don't think you need much encouragement to add another 68 child to your family shuld the right one come along. ;)

    I look forward to seeing the 68 boys and expect Robin to be front and center. All of your boys are very handsome and special too. Robin is just my most favorite! :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger :) Karen's dresses just add to their beauty! I do like seeing dolls in rows , so you can see their differences that sometimes can be so small. Yes a lovely 68 red single fringe would be the icing on the cake but will need to be found in a charity bin or somewhere cheap!

      That Robin is quite a favourite with the Sasha Village friends and he knows he's handsome but thank goodness it's not vain or full of himself! :)xxx

  4. slippery slope or what! 5 very lovely girls in 5 very pretty dresses.

  5. Five is a very good number, I know this for sure .)

    What a bunch of beauty in pastel. ready for christmas, if the boys are ready.
    The village just in time!

    1. I agree Five is a very good number :)
      The boys are still waiting for their winter clothes!