Sunday, 22 November 2015


"Bertie get a move on " says Ollie " I want to have my bath before dinner time!"

" I didn't want a bath to start with ! " complains Bertie " My Mam's not going to be happy that your Mam thinks I'm dirty and need a bath!"

"Just try washing yourself " argues Ollie " It's getting cold standing about waiting for you!"

"And another thing !" continues Bertie on a roll " Why are there pieces of cucumber sitting here? Is it some sort of snack? If so I think a cake would be better or chocolate!"

Ollie picks one up and balances it on the back of his hand " They are for putting on your eyes"
Ollie tosses it back onto the bath rail.

"Ugh I'm not putting cucumber on my eyes I don't want to go blind!" he looks at them in disgust

"Take them away!"

Trendon Mullins , whose already had his bath comes to stand beside it " Are you going to take off that hat and wash your hair ? "
"WHAT!" says Bertie in amazement " wash my hair never!"

"What a silly question !" says Bertie " You American's do like to wash EVERYTHING!"
"Yes  we do " replies Trendon Mullins " That's because then we are CLEAN!"
"That's very over rated  if you ask me " mutters Bertie
Ollie's feeling a chill so wanders over the the other side of the bath room.

He comes back over wearing a bath robe " Hey Look what I found !"

"That's great " says Trendon Mullins , Bertie gets up and starts to get out of the bath " That's fab I want to try it!"

"Have you finished at last" asks Ollie
" Yes yes "

"About time " says Ollie

"Come on Hand it over " says Bertie reaching for the robe " It's a bit pink!"

Then a miracle occurs Bertie gives up his hat! But only because it won't fit under the hood !
Bertie turns to Trendon Mullins " What do you think? " he says Hooting and flapping the robes sides like wings

"I think " says Trendon Mullins looking down " That you should cover you dingly dangler ! "
"Pardon ?  Oh " says Bertie " me meat and two veg! "

"Your WHAT! " chokes Trendon Mullins
" Meat and two veg " replies Bertie " Don't you know anything!"

 Covering up Bertie turns away " Not as clever as I thought " mutters Bertie
for a moment Trendon Mullins looks stunned then turning towards the bath starts to roar with laughter

Berties oblivious " Dingle dangler what sort of name is that!"

 Meanwhile Trendon Mullins is laughing so hard he does not realise his towels dropped to the ground and he's showing off some prime Cow Creek Rump!!



I bought this Our generation bath set in a sale a week or so back.

It comes with everything shown apart from the chair.

Lots of little bottles and two slices of cucumber for tired eyes.

Three clear plastic jars with lids and three nail polish bottles, a comb and a scent bottle.

A non slip bath mat and a little green scrubby, you saw Bertie holding it plus the bathrobe and a hanger and a pair of mules.

definitely meant for girls but still a great accessory for my Sasha Village studio.

Please note No boys were WASHED in the process or this blog post!



  1. Whaaa, what a great find! Congrats, Dee.

    And what luck, nobody was harmed -äh- washed :)

    1. Thanks Anne :) yes it was very lucky no one was washed!!! :))

  2. I think that the Our Generation items are the PERFECT size for our Sasha Dolls.
    Earlier this year I bought one of their horses from Smythe's Toyshops (which I bought to the CnS for my Trendon lad in his Polo outfit to ride.) I was thrilled with the price £35 plus free delivery (had seen the same horse priced at £45 and £50 at other outlets) and which actually arrived on my doorstep within twelve hours. (On top of that yesterday I had an offer to get £6 off another item when you spent £50 or £12 when you spent £100 in store.)

    I've always liked the idea of how you could buy so many things listed for the AG although IMO they were rather on the small size for that sized doll and better suited to the smaller Sashas.

    A bit on the 'naughty' side here and there but I guess that 'boys will be boys!' (Don't think that I've heard those sort of descriptions/expressions before.... so guess that I live and learn!)

    1. They are very good and a good price if you look about. I have received that voucher too! But am trying to resist any more until the new year!
      Yes Boys will indeed be boys! :) and those are very well know wxpressions down here in the south ! :)

  3. Haha so funny. Loving your bath plus accessories.
    But my word that was naughty...or should I say, cheeky !!!

    1. :) Glad you enjoyed our Cheeky post ! Our generation are good size for the Sasha just wished they'd try other colours than PINK! :)

  4. What a hoot, you have to credit the boys have vivid imaginations, given their lack of even suggesticles!

    1. Them boys have ears and know all about their 'perishables! ' ;)

  5. BERTIE! You shocked poor Auntie Kendal!!!!!!!
    You know that Auntie Dee sometimes follows you around, recording every word you say because she is a reporter for The Sasha Village Observer and, no matter what she might have accidentally observed, you should have been more tasteful in your conversation.
    Meat and two veg, indeed! It would not be much of a main course, more a very small snack in your case!

    1. Hi Mam
      It's not my fault if that nosy Auntie Dee follows us kids about and then snitches on us! She's such a dobber! and I didn't taste nothin ! Them cucumbers was slimey.. ugh !
      Any road Auntie Kendal never heard of meat and two veg ! She said so! Don't they have little boys up where she lives? or maybe they don't go no meat or veg or dingle danglers!
      What Auntie Dee .. that's not where you are supposed to put soap in your mouth.. oh You'll wash my mouth out with soap ?
      I know the number for child line you know ! My Mam made me give them all my pocket money once when I was naughty, so I got their number so I could get my moneys worth.. so just you watch out..... what that's you doing with that broom ? sorry Mam got to go Auntie Dee's gonna whoop my backside.. if she can catch me... bye.... Ber..

  6. LOL a very very good post about the boys and their bath time! Loved the conversation going on between them too, and yes, meat and two veg is very common where I come from too!
    The My Generation bathtime set is brilliant, I never find anything like that here, more's the pity.
    Anyway, I'm glad the boys are all nice and spruced up now!

    1. Thanks Sharon, glad you enjoyed it! Their conversation as I believe just like little boys cheeky!
      Our Generation amke some nice things just wish they were not mainly PINK! ;)xxx

  7. Oh Dee, this post has won the laughing out loud (LOL) award for the entire year!!!! How very clever and so very funny!!!! Naughty yes but also nice to laugh!! :). I love the bathtime accessories and especially that tub! So glad that Bertie is clean now. I have to say that dingle dangler is new to me as is meat and two veggies...surprisingly so since I raised 3 boys, you would think I would have heard it before. The term we most heard was private parts, the family jewels, or a sword and two stones. Nowadays, I think it is "stuff" which lacks any measure of creativity! Oh well, showing that prime Cow Creek "rump" was a perfect "ending" to your post, pun intended my friend. Rump of roast is greatly appreciated here on the farm since we don't partake often. A real treat like this post!!!! :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger, glad you thought it was funny , a little cheeky I know but there you go! ;)
      Family Jewel's sounds familiar but not sword and two stones, it's interesting to hear the different ways 'their perishables' are referred to around the world! :) I hoped you'd appreciate the Prime CC Rump :)xxx