Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Ollie's out in the garden with the visitors , Trendon Mullins and Bertie Button. Although it should be a school day, Ollie's school is closed for an inset day.

Trendon Mullins, who is a Cow Creek Mullins from the US of A , has never heard of an inset day!

"Well" says Ollie with all the knowledge  of a six going on seven year old " It when the teachers have the school all to themselves with no children allowed!"
" Really ? " says Bertie
"Yes " replies Ollie " It's when they can play hop scotch and do painting and sit in the little chairs and read our books without us helping them!"

" Are you sure? " asks a disbelieving Bertie
" Yep! " nods Ollie " I seen it with my very own eyes... "
Trendon Mullins, has stopped listening to his friends conversation, as he can hear someone singing....

"Shhh ! listen "Trendon tells the others, so they go quiet and listen.

"The rhythm that gets into your heart n soul.....let me tell you baby that's called rock n rollll "

"This way!" says Ollie setting off at a run closely followed by Trendon and Bertie.

" They say it's gonna die but please let's face it. well they just don't know what's goin to replace it !"

" Come one !" calls Ollie
" I'm coming !" shouts Bertie from the back " It's hard running on this gravel you know!"

Soon, out of breath, they are standing on one of the garden benches looking at a stranger!
Who stopped singing when they all appeared round the corner and began climbing up!

" Do you know him? " whispers Bertie to Trendon 
"What about you" he asks Ollie
"No " 
" Hello " says Trendon " That's a fine voice you have"

" Good afternoon " says the stranger " Thank you, I am known for my singing"
" Ask them if they have any food " says the little bear sitting in his hood.
" I will not!" says the boy.

The little bear turns to the boys " Do you by any chance happen to have any food on you? " he gives them a hopeful look.
"Hank!" says the boy " I'm sorry he's always hungry "

Trendon approaches the boy and his hungry bear " I suppose you have come a long way? "

" Yes we have but he'd still be hungry That's why I call him Hank, Hank Marvin cos he's always starving!" the boy grins and Trendon laughs
The bear tuts and says " My name is Maestro not Hank! He thinks he's so clever! about that sandwich? or maybe a biscuit? "

"My names Trendon Mullins of the Cow Creek Mullins , what's your name? "
" My name is Wolfgang Amadeus Battenburg Owen "
Trendon looks a little stunned " Should that not be Wolfgang Amadeus Beethoven ? "
" It should but my mother liked classical music and cake!"

The other boys move closer " You are named after a Cake?" Bertie says with a giggle

" And a famous composer " sighs Wolfgang " I wish so that my mother had called me after more modern musician's "
"Like who? "
"Like Elvis, Cliff or Neil !" he then starts singing loudly " Rattling Rosie, get on board , we gonna ride till there ain't no more to go.. "
Ollie interrupts " should that not be Cracklin Rosie ? "

"Well yes but I heard my new mum like the word rattling, so I used some poetic licence!"

"Your new Mum? " whispers Ollie.

" New Mum !" repeats Ollie " new Mum ! Did you hear that Bertie ! New Mum!"

"Is he all right? " asks Wolfgang of the others
"Yes " replies Bertie "  It because he wants a Button Nose brother so much, I don't think he can quite believe your here!"

Ollie stands stunned for a moment taking in what he's just heard Wolfgang say.
This is the best day ever!

 Grinning he says " Come on let me introduce you to your button nose sisters" he laughs happily and then says singing.. " Sweet Mum o mine... Good times never seemed so good... " He sets off up the garden followed by the others, Wolfgang wondering just how many button nose sisters he's suddenly acquired....




  1. Awww how cute is he! And a little musician too, you're going to have entertainment all round with him!
    So you succumbed Dee and got another little button nose? He's a handsome fellow, isn't he? The more I see the button noses so the more I love them, and the boys are tugging at my heart strings....just as well that I'm broke at the moment!
    I look forward to seeing more of this handsome boy in the Village!
    Bighugs Sharon xxx

    1. He is a cutie Sharon , which was why I could not resist him :) Plus poor Ollie needs some back up with them Button nose girls!
      This lad likes to sing and play his guitar! :)xx

  2. Such a good storyline - look forward to reading more, even with the mangled lyrics!

    1. Glad you are enjoying it , mangled lyrics and all! :)

  3. 'I don't believe it Denise!' YOUR allotted 2015 TEN new dolls certainly has elastic sides! What a pity that he missed the Button Nose CnS gathering by only a week.
    Come on then, 'spill the beans' and fess-up! Wanting to hear all about the 'why, when and wherefores'....and 2015 new doll numbers!

    He looks so handsome and seems very talented but what's all this about his new mum liking CAKE? I thought that this was rather a 'not-to-be-mentioned-word' in the real life Village home... or now that THE wedding of the year had 'been and gone and done it' has it been allowed to be re-introduced into the household vocabulary and diet?

    Love Ollie's description of what a teacher's Inset day was! How I wished it could have been just like that!

    1. Is it not time to start on 2016 yet? I'm just starting early with my purchases in order to buy less actually in the new year! Are you saying this is not working? :)
      I have no idea how many dolls have now arrived but some have left and some of them that arrived this year, so surely that's a swap? I may even have a doll allowance left if that's the case!!
      Now I am forever giving up cake but it keeps finding me!! But all things in moderation :)

    2. Pardon me interrupting, but there's now been a little twisting in someone's (not mentioning any names but the initials are DO) New resolution's wording!
      The only mention of any SWAPPING of dolls already here for new was in MINE so that the number of dolls in the Sasha Brood would be the same in January as in December!
      To refresh one's memory ....(DO's was 'Only ten new dolls to be allowed in 2015 or a fine to be paid to a charity.')

      PS. Talking of payments please put me down for a fiver towards the Gregor 2016 raffle lad.

    3. Mmm I did not count how many were here in the beginning of the year, so in truth would be hard pressed to know if the same amount have left as have arrived... although as I say about three of those who arrived have left again ! Best not mention the new baby then...... :)

    4. oh and thanks for the donation towards the Gregor :)

  4. Wolfgang is fantastic Dee and I love that he is musical. What a handsome boy and friendly too! I am glad he had a few boys to greet him in the Village garden. Trendon Mullins looks so happy and right at home I have to say. What a handsome sweater that he must have borrowed from some generous person. A great post of your new fabulous boy! :) xxx p.s. I too have lost count of the 2015 comings and goings.....who could ever figure that one out?

    1. Thanks Ginger, he is a lovely lad and loves his musical although like all young boys he wants to be a pop star! Trendon Mullins is enjoying being in the thick of it and playing with his new friends. His new jacket , which the boys gave him as a gift, matches well with his outfit and is helping him keep warm now and on his journey home.
      I have to confess I don't really keep track of the comings and goings in the Village, bad I know but helpful when saying I've lost count!! ;) xxx

  5. Dee,
    Love your boys and your story! And I would love to spend some time in your garden! Thanks once again for sharing.

    1. Thanks you Betty. I would love you to spend some time in my garden too! but better when it's late spring or early summer, so you can enjoy the flowers and a cup of tea or coffee while feeling the warm breeze
      Dee :)

  6. Oh ho, Wolfgang's arriving and your house is obviously now filling with happy Buttonnoses.
    And hungry bear of course.

    You're still the greatest storyteller I know!

    1. Yes It's seems the Button noses are trying to take over from the No navel's in numbers!! and the bears will soon out number them all ! :)

      and you are the greatest story teller I know :)

  7. What a great singing voice - think that'll hit all the right buttons!

    1. LOL very clever Rosie, that made me laugh! :) Glad you could appreciate it :)