Sunday 27 May 2018


Well it's taken a while and with a slight detour but finally the dream has been fulfilled. Thanks to a lot of hard work by Paul with help from Roy in the building of the Studio, it's now ready to be occupied.

There are still a few little things to do, like get electric into the building but we can now move in!

After Paul ,with help from Roy, last weekend getting the roof on , so was then waterproof. Paul's spent most nights this last week getting the inside ready for the dolls arrival.
Shares at B&Q will have risen sharply with the amount of trips we've made this week. But finally Paul's said I can start putting my things in.

I was lucky in finding these teal blinds in the right size ! They were the only ones left in that colour and one of the blinds boxes was missing all the parts! So a worker helped by taking the missing items from another blind box.

Also after a lot or humming and ahh-ing about whether to paint the inside , I finally decided not to, as since the wall will move I could have landed up with wood showing through and having to keep touching it up. So I have stuck with the natural colour of the wood.

Did you want to see inside? or rather wait until it's kitted out? Will probably take a good few weeks because I now need to start weeding and working in the garden,  if it's to be opened along with others later next month.

You want to see it now? your sure? pardon?.. oh yes you have been waiting a long time as well... okay then.. here we go... if your sure?.....

There you go , what do you think?....... oh you want to go inside... okay....

View from the doorway, Plenty of double storage cupboards with oak boarding on top to form the floor of the room settings. Because the walls will move, Paul came up with the great idea of placing three narrow cupboard units on top of the base ones and running a white board on top to form the upper shelf for the extra room settings !

Then Jane S , when I was talking about it at the SCW suggested using the space in the middle or it would just really be wasted space and could be a great place for taking photos of the dolls, without room settings. I liked the idea , so we came up with this.
So we decided to have a double base unit come out at this centre point but make the top larger than the unit , so I can sit up at the left hand side and use the top with my sewing machine.You can see in the photo above that this leaves a large space behind,into which I can place lots of my storage boxes containing the items I don't use as much.

This photo shows my Arts and Crafts writing bureau,  still needs work, which will stay in here until we retire and then may go back into the house once the computer desk Paul works on goes. But for now It will be here where I can use it.
To the side by the window I'll also be stacking boxes or may put in some narrow shelving later.

On the right hand side is the beginning of a room setting. These items used to be in the doll cupboard that now stands against. the right hand wall. Now they have come out I can get more dolls in!

On the left another large room setting area and you can see the overhang of the centre worktop with a bin below and a couple of boxes awaiting sorting.

across from front corner is the other room setting area just shown along with doll cupboard that used to be up in bedroom .

Looking over towards the double doors.

I bought one set of these lovely colourful drawer units and brought it home , then finding it would fit perfectly in this area and thinking of all the uses it could have , I got Paul to take me back again the next evening to buy three more. Now I just need to make a decision , what to put in them, shoes and clothes colour co ordinated to the drawers?  Wool ? Fabric ? the choice is endless !

The view of the window.

The view out into the untidy garden where we'll put in a path to the studio later.

Well I hope you've enjoy seeing my lovely new studio, I am so happy! Now I have to go and play with Clara whose over for the bank holiday. Then it will be back to moving in ( if weather too hot )  and gardening ( if weather not ).

Have a lovely week ahead.



  1. It is looking awesome, the dream studio home for Sasha Village. At last! Well worth the wait though. I can see you will be busy sorting, moving, shifting things around and finding out that it isn't big enough, though at least everything will have a proper place.

    1. Thanks. I'm really looking forward to rediscovering all my props and getting everything a place to live, so I can find what I need easily.

  2. Oh, WOW!.....Thank you so much for getting my beautiful new home ready for me, Dee!

    Erm, did I hear tiny, doll-sized voices? What did you say, Lucas? That is very rude, possibly even worthy of a washing out of your mouth with soap!..... But I take your point, you DO have prior claim on it.

    No, I don't men you personally Lucas, I mean the Sashas and friends of The Village in general. No, I don't THINK the other kids voted for you to be their king and there is to be no chopping off of heads if they don't obey y.....

    Why? Well mostly because Mrs. Mum won't want blood and stringing elastic all over the new, multi-coloured drawers , but also because it just isn't part of modern monarchy behaviour, even if you DID happen to be king and.....What???!!!! Where's that soap?

    Dee, it is wonderful. I hope you are enjoying filling and filing in there. Once again Paul, with help from Roy, has shown his skill and his dedication to obeying the regal commands of Mrs. Mum....ah, so THAT'S where Lucas gets it from!

    1. Now you sound like my sil, he kept telling me it would make a great place for visitors to sleep! But I could squeeze you in for a night or two... would you fit a small doll sized bed!

      Alas yes Lucas may well be picking up his regal commands from Mrs Mum although I find she tends to may them like suggestions ;)
      I'm going to enjoy sorting it all out then playing in there :)

  3. Wow! The new studio is just amazing!!! I really love the natural pine finish. It goes with anything and will add just a bit of pattern and interest to the background of your photos. You really have it nicely outfitted - everything so convenient. Now the whole village really must have a formal dedication/ribbon cutting ceremony. Perhaps Percy or Ragnor could be persuaded to make a few remarks. Just be very mindful that Granny Fortuna doesn't sneak out in the middle of the night and claim more space than she's entitled to!

    1. Thanks , Even I was surprised at just how nice it's turned out!
      The village children are making big plans and i've heard rumours about Granny Fortuna's fabulous new shop!! I think Granny's spreading that one!

      I think the boys are disappointed it's not a castle....they've yet to see the folly ;)

      Mmm Maybe I'd best go check on Granny.. she seems way to happy for someone with a part time shop...

  4. Oh wow!!!! I am pea-green with envy but of the nicest possible sort I promise, as I am absolutely delighted for you. This is amazing and so worth all the (hard) selling you had to do to raise the money to get it, and then all the hard work to put it up.
    I love the natural look and i love the configuration of the units and furniture and storage drawers too....though I am guessing you will need a step ladder for those top drawers!!!
    This really is wonderful *happy sigh*

    Have fun spending as much time as possible in here now.
    But wow, wow, is the best dolly studio EVER!!!

    1. Thanks Jane. I am glad I sold a few dolls to make it happen. It should be great once i'm in!
      Luckily the drawer can be lifted out, so I can look in them. lol
      I look forward to showing you round :)

  5. Absolute perfection for your doll studio/storage etc. Well worth the wait and the several unsuccessful tryout moves beforehand.

    I'm pleased that you left the pine unpainted as this provides you with a very useful and natural background for your photographs... and should you occasionally want a little additional colour for the back you can always blue/white Tac a sheet of coloured card to the wood panelling.

    Great idea of Jane's for that 'almost middle island' unit. It will prove to be indispensible in providing you with any extra needed top surface space or underneath cupboard storage.

    Having those room scenes continually set up will save you so much time and effort that I feel sure that we shall be enjoying some 'extra double postings' on a regular basis.

    The only thing that I can see that is missing for you to start immediately is a chair/stool to sit on whilst taking your photos. (A small hand rail ladder to reach up to the top shelves and a couple of free standing photographic lights can be added at a later date.)

    So looking forward to seeing the resulting blogposts from this fantastic purpose built venue.

    1. Thanks Kendal. I was so undecided about whether to paint the wall or leave them , worried it would be too dark but the spruce is fine and it looks lovely and light in there.
      Having the rooms set up will make it much quicker to get the stories done.
      I do have a stool but it may be just a little to high, I'll soon find out.
      I'll be spending June working in garden and moving into studio and then it will be story time! :)

  6. This is fantastic dee, I look forward to seeing what you produce from your studio,

  7. Congratulations! It's wonderful, and it's worth the waiting and the work.
    Now I'm looking forward to the official dedication ceremony!

    1. Thanks Ursula and yes it was :)
      One will be coming up later in June :)

  8. Your studio looks wonderful Dee, plenty of storage room, but if you are anything like me, you'll fill it up in no time at all. 😁

    I thought I'd have heaps of room to spare when I did my doll room, but I couldn't swing a cat in there now. It's amazing how much stuff we gather while playing with our dolls.

    Have fun and enjoy filling up the space.
    Big hugs,

    1. thanks lol
      Paul looked at my old studio and said It will soon be full but I've had his agreement to let me keep a small area he doesn't need in the old one for my bigger items that I cannot fit in cupboards.
      I've already had to get another cupboard ! lol x

  9. WOW WOW WOW Dee this is WONDERFUL! What a lovely environment for your dolls and for setting up rooms and for sewing! I'm very envious, it's just perfect. I hope you will have many many hours of fun in there!

    1. Thanks Sharon, yes it's so exciting. I'm really looking forward to egtting in there and using the space. xx

  10. Wow wee Dee! Your studio is absolutely fantastic! How wonderful to have this area for your dolls and things and that you see everything now! Plus the great windows to see out and provide natural light. I can imagine you in there being creative and taking photos for the blog. Congratulations to you and Paul. 😊 xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger. I'm really looking forward to using it :)
      It's very light and nice and warm. Just need to get the electric sorted , so it can be heated in the winter months.
      so come July I hope to be blogging from the studio all the time :) xxx

  11. Oh Dee that studio looks fabulous! I am envious.

    Just a word of warnibng about the lovely colourful drawer units - if they're the same make as "Really Useful Boxes," be careful of the green ones as the colour leeches a yellow stain into whatever is stored in them (none of the other colours do it, in my experience, but I've had a couple of things pick up yellow stains where they've pressed agaisnt the inside of green Really Useful Boxes)


    1. Thanks Teddy.
      I think they are by Really Useful Boxes, thanks for the tip, I'll line them all to be on the safe side.