Monday 14 May 2018


When you go into the crafts on the Saturday , we were given a lovely bag which contained everything we would need to complete the crafts on offer.

Also in the bag are some goodies for our dolls.

This years bag was this lovely drawstring bag in a fabric which patterning resembles the Sasha logo.
A badge shown up in left hand corner, a Sasha sized drink can, a knitted hat, a little wooden plane, a make your own Sasha key ring, an award and a mini hedgehog.

also in the bage were the five crafts on offer. Smocking, Make your own abacus, A felt and needle worked bag, a Tutu and a Japanese paper doll.

This year I actually managed to complete three of the crafts.

A quick go , so I could move on to the next one.

My finished felt and needlework bag.

My completed abacus.

The Jig that Anna made to drill the tiny holes into the side pieces to ensure they were all in the right place for the cocktail sticks used to form the rails.

The two I did not manage to get too but hope to complete by the weekend or they'll be like last years still sitting in bag waiting to be done.

So next up the sales tables....

Petrana's table..

more ...

If I was wealthy I'd have bought half of what was on offer, such gorgeous fabric's.

I think this was Vicky's table

I think this was Pam's table which I wish I'd looked at properly but you don't always 'see' things when you are taking photos.

These I believe Pam was also selling.

Jenny, our smocking teachers, table

The sign tells the tale. Pretty hair wear for Sasha's and toddlers

Judith of Dolly Doodles

 and more

 and more..

and more..

Not sure whose table this was.

This was Janet's stall.

Jane W's wonderful Cashmere knits table.



No idea who was selling these.

Hennie from the Netherlands table


Linda S's sales table.

 Not sure if this was part of Linda's too.

not sure whose this was.

another unknown.

The whole place was a smorgasbord of delectable items . I was lucky to escape with my bus fare home!

Tomorrow, raffle ..



  1. Wow! It is so nice to see the items in the sales room. So many beautiful choices. So much talent. Thank you for letting us have a look. 😊 xxx

    1. There was Ginger so many wonderful items ! :) xx

  2. Lot's of wonderful things for sale! I'm afraid I would have run amok, and left penniless, but with some very well dressed kids. Dee, I'm in awe of your crafting prowess!

    1. There were. I'm glad I did not realise just how much on the day or i'd be a pauper!
      They didn't tax us too hard in the crafting and it idi take me three starts to get the smocking to click into my brain!

  3. Ah, Daddy, I am already penniless, so my naughty but much loved little Bertie (early Gotz boy) is sulking madly because he's just seen those little dolls. he's refusing to put on his socks and get ready for school.

    A wonderful weekend, for sure, Dee. The sales tables were amazing and the crafts look such fun. How lovely to have all items in a welcome bag so you could just get started as soon as the lesson began.

    Off you know where now (UGH!), so I may be late looking at your next post. but will do so as soon as I can.
    Your friend, Mrs. Head-in-Bucket! xx

    1. Tell Bertie I'll make him something nice to make up for missing out!
      The sales table were great the craft wonderful and the company even better if that was possible!
      I hope you recover from this next bout quickly xxx

  4. On boy! So much eye candy! However did you manage to keep your bus fare? What amazing sales tables, it would have been difficult not to purchase a few items for sure. :)

    1. There was and It was a close run thing on the bus fare! Nearly had to walk home ! :) xx

  5. WOW what a lot of lovely goodies Dee! I'm not surprised you had a bit of a spending spree...I mean it would be impolite not to, wouldn't it!!!

    1. There was and my mother taught me to be very polite :) xx

  6. Didn't DARE look too CLOSELY here at those MAGNIFICENT crafts and the deliciously tempting SALES tables on offer... or else I would be in floods of TEARS at what I have had to miss once again (and when this event is literally on my doorstep) due to my stupid failing health.
    PS, Nobody imo does Sasha event crafts as well as the SCW! My congratulations to all who were involved in creating these totally superb Sasha craft sessions.

    1. It is such a shame as you say it's almost next door to you, so the travelling less tiring :( But at least with all the posts on facebook and peoples blogs you can see what went on and therefore not miss everything.

      I have to agree that the craft workshops laid on are of exceptional quality and inspiring to do.