Thursday, 24 May 2018


Winter is wearing one of the dresses I got from the SCW.

and without realising it, the Rosie Bloom olive shoes are a perfect match for the main dress colour!

Which is great because when I bought the olive green shoes, I was not sure what I'd be able to put them with.

Winter's not happy that I didn't brush her hair before taking her out for photos!

On the way back in , she wanted to stop and check out the time on the sundial !

She was not impressed when I told her that since the sun was behind some cloud, she'd not be able to see the time.

"Well I know what time it is!" she stated  " It's time for tea! " and laughing she jumped down and ran towards the house!



  1. Perfect shoe colour for this delightful newly bought Petrana dress seen here on the lovely Winter.

  2. Beautiful dress and those shoes do match perfectly! Winter is a lovely girl.

  3. It's time someone invents a sundial that also works on cloudy days!
    She is gorgeous in that dress. Beautiful fabric!

  4. Great photos and the shoes are indeed the perfect match for Winter's dress....and her hair looks just fine too :)