Saturday, 4 August 2018


Well because tomorrow Sunday will be the fifth and therefore doll shelf day, I've decided today can be catch up day.

What a week and a half! Let's start with our promise of a Blood Red Moon ! Did we see it .. of course not! You can almost guarantee if there is something out there in the sky that will only occur once in a decade etc , the good old British weather will endevour to put a spoke in the wheel! Which it did by being one of the first cloudy nights for weeks!

So we missed that! but to make up for it I am sharing an old photo of when I had three Button nosed girls and at that time just one boy Ollie. Anouska the brunette moved on but Olivia, Magda and Ollie are still around the village.

Then after a coolish start to the week the weather slowly started to heat up again, but by Wednesday evening I was feeling decidedly out of sorts ! That night I was hit by a Norvo type virus ........ so Thursday slipped away as I recovered.

Friday was a better day I was able to start getting back to doing a few things but basically the week was near then gone!

Today we had a lovely visit from my daughter, son in law and baby Clara, who have just headed off home after a lovely day ending with a barbie. The evening is lovely and cool and since I didn't get to bed until  after one , and was up at 5.45 to let the dogs out and was watering the garden at 7.15 this morning, I'm looking forward to a little lie in tomorrow.

I'll leave you with this old photo of some of the lads in the Winter ! Now don't think I'm wishing this hot summer away because I'm not ! but a drop of a few degrees across the Uk and Europe would be blessing for all the young and old out there, who just cannot cope with these extremely high temperatures and for the places that are constantly battling forest and brush fires with no sign of relief.

So if you've not sent in your doll shelf photos yet there is still time. Have a great week ahead and if you love that doll buy her! you only live once enjoy it!



  1. Glad to hear you're feeling better. Love your button noses, and that is one very handsome all boy lineup!

    1. Thank you , I do love the button nose kids and the boys actually stayed still for the photo :)

  2. So sorry to hear that you've been 'proper poorly' though pleased to hear that you are now over it and recovering.
    This continuing heat has all been too much for me so have basically spent the last two months totally inside the house. Such a waste of most of this year's Summer.
    Thanks. Always enjoy seeing the Gregor lads!

    1. Thank you and it was proper poorly too not just a bug! This heat is too much! yes some sun is good for us but not so much we cannot actually get out to enjoy it!
      My poor boys need some attention .

  3. So glad you are better and are back watering your garden and letting Cadper and Rufus out for their morning constitution. 😊

    Your button noses are wonderful and your boys are so very handsome. Give Robin a big hug from me please. 😊 xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger :) It looks like the early garden watering will be continuing for a good while.
      It's good to share some old photos sometimes :) xxx

  4. I'm glad to hear that you're on the mend Dee.
    And how nice to spend some time with your family and little Clara, she must be getting quite big now. It won't be long before she's asking to play with your dolls!!!!
    We did see the Red Moon here, it was very interesting and very red, but it was a little later in the evening than expected.....a lot of us were down on the beach and in the sea watching for it, but the sea mist kept rearing it's head and it wasn't until later, around 10.15pm that finally we were able to see it clearly. Also Mars was closer to earth a few nights ago and that was really clear to see, a red star clearly in the sky. The next big thing is the International Space Station which will pass over here on Friday night :)
    Lovely photos of the boys and girls, keep 'em coming!