Monday, 27 August 2018


So good to be... at home !

I thought I'd give you all Sunday off from my ramblings :) Did you miss me.. lol I bet not.

Well this weeks been busy especially this weekend. I've been slowly sorting things out in the house and also in the Sasha studio. I have bitten the bullet hard and listed some lovely clothes and shoes that are hard to come by now.

I've used as my bar, how often do you put this on the Sasha's and if it was not in the last year, I have sorted out a couple of them to sell.

Of course there are some things I will not sell even though they don't get used much because they'd be irreplaceable.
But I am slowly deciding what can go , just need to be determined and not change my mind. I'm sure once it's all sorted things will run more smoothly.

Starting to sort through the boxes also brings things to light I've forgotten I had or not seen on the dolls recently. So I'll be giving them all a change of clothing ready for the cooler autumn months , so they'll no doubt want to show off their change of clothes over the coming week.

But It's not just the dolls ! It's the house too ! I'm making lists of little jobs that need doing that will help tidy the place up, while we sort out the bigger jobs, like the decorating etc.

So hoping you all have a lovely week this week, watch out for the autumn fashion show being shown this week.



  1. Wonderful sales items Dee! Thank you! 😊 xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger, hopefully there will be some good sales :) xx

  2. That's a cute outfit Dee, I wish you luck with your sales...and with your sorting.
    I need to make 'to do' lists all the time, I made a big one recently, I just cannot remember where on earth I put it! Oh well!