Thursday, 2 August 2018


Already August!

On Tuesday Saffron was out in the garden looking for the sun!

It's too cloudy to see the sun!

Why do you want the sun?

So you can tell the time?  I'll tell you .... it's time you went in for tea ...


Only three day until it's doll shelf day, so please send in your photos for everyone to see.



  1. I like Saffron! She strikes me as very much a nature girl. Love her slacks and blouse.

  2. Love a bit of History. Can hardly imagine that this was once the only way to tell the time.

  3. Noooo! No more sun for me, but at least three weeks of rain!! I'll live happily without being able to tell the time...
    Saffron looks fresh and pretty in pink, and maybe Mum will have a digital clock for her?

  4. Awww she looks so disappointed at not being able to see the sun, poor little girl! I'm sure the sun will be back though, and with it the heat and your mummy will be moaning ;) So best not encourage that hot old sun back too soon ;)