Thursday 30 August 2018


Today was lovely and warm, so three of the girls went down to inspect the folly!

"This old window is a good place to study the area!" says Wren
Her sisters nod in agreement

"Looks like Mum and Dad will be doing plenty of gardening this weekend " Winter tells her sisters checking out

"That's because they've been busy working and looking after those puppies! "
"True " sighs Raven " I hope they don't want us to spend all weekend out here pulling up weeds! "

 " I don't think so " Wren replied " Not after you two pulled up those seedling thinking they were weeds!"

Raven and Winter look a little red faced " It wasn't our fault!" protests Winter " Dad said to pulling up those vines that climb up everything!"
"Yes " chips in Raven " How was we to know they were clematis  "

" Never mind it may just save us from a day working in the garden, lets go explore come on "  Wren starts to climb down.

" I think Dad's trying to stop us getting inside the folly!"  Raven says

" I cannot see anything with this plant in the way!" moans Winter

"Okay then lets go around the side "

" Mm which way shall we go ? " questions Wren
" Left " says Winter
"Right " says Raven

They decide to go left and look what they find !

"Look at all these Potusemptius " laughs Winter and Raven.

" This ones not empty " calls Raven " It's got a SashaWrenius growing in it!"
"Yes " says Wren " and it's growing big and strong towards the sun"

The girls spend lots of time playing around the empty pots pretending to grow until it's time to go back in "


Raven, Winter and Wren are all wearing Vintage Sasha dungarees ,ready for Autumn which arrives at the end of the week.

More girls still need to change....



  1. Lovely story. The girls are looking great in yet more Vintage Sasha dungaree sets. I hope that Autumn doesn't arrive at the end of the week here as I'm still in Summer mode and will be for some time yet!!!
    I love the folly, it's so attractive and makes a great photo backdrop.

    1. Thanks Sharon. Autumn in the UK, you forget :), tends to start with lovely late sunny days and that remaining warmth , then move into those slightly cooler days by mid October. Although last year it was still not really cold until very late in November!
      I love the folly too! Just need to get it finished before end of the year! xx

  2. So cute! They really have a very ethereal look. You feel as though if you look a way from them for a second, and then look back, they will have vanished - back into the ruined folly.

    1. Thanks :) That is what I love about the no navel's with their narrower noses and more pointed chins, they have a faerie look to them.

  3. Your no navel clan looks wonderful at the Folly. I like ve your Folly photos. 😊 xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger. The folly is such an added bonus for photographing the dolls :) xx