Sunday, 5 August 2018


August the Fifth! this month is already moving at a pace! So before it dashes past let's get these photos on the post!

From Steve this month we have the new lad looking out on his new home.

Meanwhile outback his new sister and a brother are soaking up some rays !Is that a neighbours child on the end there!

I see they are well provisioned to save too many trips back indoors.

Over at Cow Creek , Ginger's Gotz girls are having a Gotz get together . What a fab lineup!

While Cinnamon and Harriet over at Ursula's are wondering if Mum will take them with her to the Gnome house ?

Thought I'd share a couple of different shelf photos :)

They were very awkward and some insisted on falling over more than once but finally a few photos were taken.

My no navel girls all apart from Ginny who is still awaiting her arms to be reattached! So Magda has sneaked into her place !

Well the sun is shinning and the weather hot but still time to add those doll shelf photos, just send them in.

Many thanks for those taking part , enjoy the rest of the day.



  1. Sometimes I think we forget how beautiful and unique the girls look from behind. Love seeing all of that gorgeous hair. I can almost hear Ginger's girls giggling and whispering to each other in German!

  2. I love your beautifully dressed no navel girls and hope you will take another photo of them with Ginny included once she is repaired. She is gorgeous! But Magda is a great stand in. Steve’s new boy is very handsome and looks like he is enjoying the survey of his new home. I wish I knew how to speak German because the girls do talk in their native language. Most of the time they talk in English to help their Mom out. 😉 I enjoyed all the shelf photos and thank you for posting them. 😊 xxx

  3. Gorgeous kids everywhere! I do like seeing them all lined up in their lovely dresses

  4. What lovely photos again this month, I love all the sunshine that manages to find it's way into them :)
    I hope Ginny gets her arms back on again soon, she is one of my favourites of all your lovely girlies Dee :)

  5. Always so enjoyable seeing other folk's Sasha dolls!