Saturday, 5 October 2019


Yes I know, already! and barely we make it for the fifth!

Over at Carol's in Canada one of her Sasha's cannot wait to start decorating for Halloween!

Jane's babies are all snugly and warm ready for the cooler weather.

Over at Gregoropolis the Gotz boys are sorting out their lunch tins for school.

Rolf likes to have some lettuce in his salad because he knows it's good for him.

Paul also likes some salad in his sandwich and being a big Beatles fan he loves taking them to school with him.

Kurt likes salad but he also likes cake and chocolate and biscuits and sausage rolls in fact pretty much anything , he's never fussy .

In Switzerland , Karin's girl Sasha is happy to show us her new smocked dress, it's lovely Sasha , a beautiful navy and white.

In the village Jenny's in the garden enjoying the beautiful Agapanthus that's still flowering despite all the rain and cold weather we've been having.

Many thanks for everyone whose sent in photos for the post, I'll add mine tomorrow  and anyone else who wishes to join in.



  1. Fabulous photos of all the girls, boys and babies. Kurt is a bundle of cuteness with his shiny blonde hair over his eyes, I'm sure all the boys are well behaved at school if they manage to do so well packing their lunchboxes.

  2. What lovely photos! Thanks to everyone who takes the time to share their photos with us Dee!