Sunday 27 October 2019


Well October's flown past ! It always does as the Chat n Snap sits there waiting to happen which then means the date approaches fast with things to sort out and get ready, then the recovery after.

So this weeks been a case of putting away items used for the CnS and also tucking away the mugs and paper plates/napkins ready for next years event. But It's also nice it's over and went well and people enjoyed themselves.

It may seem strange but I now feel my times my own, whereas from September onward's the CnS is always sitting around in my thoughts and now I feel It's back in it's box until next year when Tickets go back on sale. I did actually announce next years theme at the end of this years event because I will once next spring/summer comes need to actually start working on the display so it's not a last minute rush like normal.

Next year's theme is a railway station in 1939/40 , that time when children from London were sent away by train into the countryside to protect them. The idea came from my aunt's wedding in august when the reception was held at the Bluebell Railway line in Sussex.
My sister Michelle and I looked at each other and said what a great display it would make for the Chat n Snap !

 so I took loads of photos.


 I'm really looking forward to trying to achieve this look next year , so will have to start early to have any hope of it making the grade! The bluebell railway's main station and museums etc are in East Grinstead where my youngest lives, so I can go back and look around next year to get some more detailing. It's an amazing place and well worth a visit.

Due to my tooth, the weather and the chat n snap, the house came to a halt for several weeks, however I did manage , much to my delight, to sell five pieces of furniture that were no longer needed but filling up space either indoors or in the shed.  Which means we can now stand a chance of getting our cars undercover in the carport this winter!
We are going to move our new arts and crafts tallboy into the old Sasha studio for the winter because we need to decorate and re-carpet our bedroom before we add any more furniture that would then have to be moved again so we can do the work.

Of course there is still loads to do before we even look at working on the bedroom ! The kitchen/breakfast/dinning room needs to be completely finished before we go upstairs, she says... although there are some things that now due to the approaching winter that need doing outside, a last push on getting the end shed emptied and passed over to our neighbour, a poly tunnel put up in it's place to house those plants that need that extra bit of winter protection and some plants need splitting and also re-potting or putting in to help them over the winter months ready for placing in the new redesigned flower garden.
We have over a 100 tulip bulbs that need planting in pots ready to make a colourful display next spring.

I have finally purchased some fabric to make the base cushion seat on the new to me Ercol chair and plan to get a start on that in the week when I'm not working as the weekends , when not working , I need to get outside and help Paul with clearing carport and shed's etc.

 A lovely blue/stone William Morris linen fabric seen above with the sun that's streaming in today through the windows, after yesterdays grey , wet and gloomy day. I've given no thought to if it will go with any of the rooms! But hopefully as it's fairly neutral it will blend in ! 

We've also bought a 'new' sofa and need to decide what sofa goes, I think , much as it pains me, that my old habitat sofa ,that I recovered years back and now needs doing again, and is now over 40 years old must go and that we keep one of the newer sofa's a mere stripling of only ten years ! My mind says the habitat sofa must go , but my hearts says WHAT!  But the decision must be made today as the other sofa will arrive tomorrow ! and I am determined not to fall into the age old trap of putting out into the workshop just in case !!What to do ... what to do!!!! 

Saffron was chosen to wear the new dress by Ginny that we bought at the Chat n Snap and she added the coat we won in the raffle, along with some boots and tights we already owned.

 She then had a wander off down the garden enjoying the nice sunny weather.

We needed to move a yellow Magnolia from the front garden, that was getting hidden by some tall roses, Paul's planted it just to the right behind the pot where we hope it will do better and we can enjoy the flowers more.

Well I hope you all have a healthy fun filled week ahead



  1. I think that's a brilliant theme, Dee. There's so much you can do with it, particularly in regards to traveling clothes (hard to believe that at one time people actually got dressed up when they travelled). Saffron has her usual impeccable sense of style. Isn't it wonderful when an outfit comes together so effortlessly?

    1. Thanks. I'm loving the idea of having the platform with the suitcase and groups of children/people waiting and seeing what the attendee's dress their dolls in to represent that time, they are so talented I cannot wait to see what appears!
      Saffron does have a sense of style it appears and yes that outfit happened without my help! lol

  2. The theme is fantastic, I can just see all those little evacuees mulling about with their Mickey Mouse gas masks and their name tags attached to their coats....and their little packet of sandwiches for the journey! I really look forward to seeing how it all goes.
    The fabric is a good choice, I'm sure it'll go well with any room.
    And I hope by now you'll have made a decision on the sofa!
    Big hugs xxx

    1. Thanks Sharon, I'm so excited to see what appears when that platforms set out next year awaiting the Sashas and Gregor's appearing !
      I'm hoping the fabric will suit anywhere or i'll have to redecorate !!
      Paul saved me form the decision by removing the habitat sofa while I was out!! I'm still trying not to make him store it away somewhere ! ;) xx

  3. Great theme Dee! Love the look of that railway station, with all those old trunks! It will be a great setting for next year.
    Love the Morris fabric and can't wait to see how you use it on the chair. :)
    When it comes to moving on anything is a problem for me, but I guess we'll soon find out how you tackled this decision . . . I really wonder if it will stay or go though.:)
    Big hugs,

    1. Thank you , yes old trunks, suitcase, signage the details can be endless! I truly cannot wait.. but have to at least until the spring!
      I'm hoping to start on the chair cushions this weekend. I did have a big problem with moving furniture that I've owned for years on but I'm starting to be able to let go now there is nowhere to store things for ages.. not that I don't look to see what i can squeeze into the shed! lol Well I said about it could go and Paul took that to mean it was a dune deal , so came home to find he'd moved it out and just kept the cushions!!!! I'm still looking at the base and wondering... should I save it ????? hugs Dee xx

  4. I remember the Bluebell Railway...fantastic place to visit. Perhaps my little stray Billy No Mates can come down and evacuate from Chilly Scotland for next year's Chat and Snap!!

    1. It it Simples :) I'm sure you sent many a poor Gregor off in a trunk to places unknown , when you was living so close by ;)
      Billy No Mates would be the perfect child to stand shivering alone on that platform waiting to be re homed with a stern farmer in his barn! lol

  5. Let the Habitat sofa go.....but we want photos of the new sofa that is replacing it!!

    1. Did you ring Paul? I'd barely left the house when he was throwing it out into the cold damp outdoors! He didn't even wait for the new sofa to arrive! It comes this Saturday lets hope I like it or he'll have to get the hair dryer out and start drying my old faithful out....

  6. Great theme for next years CnS! My Sasha kids, as you will no doubt remember visiting the Railway Station used in the film Brief Encounter.
    Those trunks brought back memories of our boarding school days when eventually four (never actually got to FIVE as I had left school before my youngest brother started!) cluttered up the playroom whilst firstly being emptied and then filled once again in readiness for the next term.

    1. I think so too! I do remember that post of yours now you mention it. I'm looking forward to having some trunks piled up on that platform along with suit cases and bags for those who didn't own a suit case! exciting!