Saturday, 12 October 2019


The first meeting of the Sasha Village Scout troop, Black Wolf.

Harry gets the boys lined up ready for uniform inspection.

He passes Percy with a comment of " very nice  Percy just needing those belts once mum finds them" but stops by Robin

" I think your socks ans trainers are a bit..... loud Robin maybe look for some black like mine? "
Robin looks down at his feet " Really ? I thought the blue went very well with the blue in the scarf myself and surely trainers are trainers? "
" We want to look our best " says Harry moving on.

He moves on to inspect Erik

He straightens Erik's shirt " Very nice " says Harry encouragingly
"Thanks " replies Erik " Can I just have a word about our name? Why can't we be called Viking Black Wolfbane of Valhalla ? It's go a much ,ore frightening ring to it!"
"We are scouts not vikings " sighs Harry, having had this conversation in one form or another over the last three weeks with Erik " we are meant to be friendly and helpful  not terrorizing the locals "
Erik sighs loudly disappointed
Ragnor standing at the end decides maybe now is not the best time to suggest they go on a raid of Granny Fortuna's village store!

Harry makes his way back to the head of the line " Attention!" he calls and all the boys stand straight and tall. well apart from Robin whose finding it hard to stand up never mind straight!


I have to thank the amazingly talented Ginny of a Passion for Sasha (on Etsy ) who made the scout outfits matching the original Gotz one worn by Harry ( Gotz Michal ) .
Of course I still need to get my side done and find their belts and the make the little ring that holds the scarf in place but for a first outing I think the lads look great.

 a closer look at how well Ginny managed to colour match the fabrics.

I'm sure these boys will be having a great time in the coming months when the weather allows for some outdoor adventures.



  1. Love the uniforms. What a sharp looking troop they are! I just wonder who will volunteer to assist Granny Fortuna across the street. That alone should qualify for a merit badge!

  2. What a smart group they are - Dad will be getting lots of help around the house and garden now when it's 'bob a job' week! (wonder what the going rate is these days?)

  3. What a wonderful troop you have there Dee!
    Big hugs,

  4. Fantastic
    What a great scout troop

  5. What a lovely handsome and smart bunch of lads you have their Dee....and yes Ginny really did wonderfully with those uniforms.
    Are those rings called 'woggles' or something like that? Sounds sort of familiar to me because Brendan used to be a scout but his uniform was dark green if I remember rightly!