Friday 4 October 2019


Last Saturday my tooth started hurting but I took some meds and carried  on, went back to work on Monday and tried ignoring the ever increasing pain.

Finally I gave in and booked a dentist appointment for this morning , having realised it could be an abscess not something miner.

So at 9.30 I'm at the dentist and yes It's an abscess because of a slightly wobbly tooth and the tooth in question , at the back on the bottom, is out that already as a very deep filling. So I decided to have them remove it, what could happen it was already wobbling!

Obviously when you are in discomfort your mental ability is not always present! Some few injections later, this tooth is fighting for it's life! I'm sure if it was being filmed it could have been used in a comedy sketch ! 
The tugging from side to side was almost moving me off the seat, swapping of ever more instruments to try and remove the tooth!

Halfway through I needed more injections of painkiller and I have quite a high pain threshold, then he continued, now Frank is a strong man but I was beginning to worry he'd not manage to extract it!

Finally it was out!

I headed home in the belief that after a little discomfort I'm be my old self..... wrong.. pain and throbbing right into my head and face once the injections had worn off and the pain meds hard stopped it for more than an hour!
I could not even look at a magazine for more than a few minutes ,every thing was just too much! So I took myself off for a lie down.

It was not until 6.00 that the meds seemed to start tackling the throbbing ache thank goodness, I think the abscess may still be there!

But it's work tomorrow and now I think I'll be okay to go without feeling like death warmed up!

I'll put the doll shelf photos on once I'm back and will respond to those emails that have kindly arrived with them attached .



  1. Oh Dee, I know exactly how you feel! This spring I had to have an impacted wisdom tooth extracted. They gave me plenty of local anesthetic, so no pain during the procedure (PLENTY of pain later on), but all that drilling, wrenching and pulling was very unpleasant. Hope you're feeling better soon!

    1. You understand then my day yesterday, I know it can only get better over the next few days, so looking forward Wednesday when it surely best be okay by then!!

  2. You poor thing, I completely understand because I had something very similar about 4 years ago, it was HORRIBLE. I hope you're better now though and that the abscess has gone.

    1. It is HORRIBLE ! I'm not having any more teeth taken out.. unless they are about to fall! Alas I'm still on the pain killers cos the abscess that started it all is still there and painful and now giving me an earache!! So off to get some antibiotics on Thursday.. amazing they want to see me before they can give them but earliest appoint Thursday!! x