Sunday 20 October 2019


Well the weather was in our favour after the threat of possible rain over the weekend earlier in the week, the day dawned bright and sunny. Perfect travelling weather.

Some of the early birds getting onto the Island of the Carrot Bean.

The Kracken was already attacking a ship !

 but the island soon started to fill with pirates ready to Parlay !

 a motley lot to be sure !

 Bertie B and Ollie stayed in their boat avoiding the cutthroats

 Even the parrots were not  safe !

 I loved Jane's glamorous Pirate at the back !

It was a dangerous place to visit Saturday !

 On the sales tables the lovely Marilyn was ready to sell her wears.

 Judith of dolly doodles was up and ready.

next to Judith was Brenda

selling original Sasha factory clothing

 beside Marilyn was Janet M D 's table of goodies

above and below is Diane's table

 then over the way beside Janet was Gayle

 and then Theresa's table

 then Jane D's table

Jane always has some great furniture pieces, I snapped up the three wooden chairs for a friend who's asked me to look for some for her.

 more of Jane's.

It seems that some how I totally missed Pam 's table which was already surrounded by people and she did have a lineup of lovely Sasha's for sale on the window ledge and also Ginny of A passion for Sasha ! Who had a lovely full table with lots of lovely colour!

The raffle table was full to overflowing , we had to use another table once we had the space and it took £926 in raffle ticket sales , the highest amount ever for the Chat n Snap.

 The doll adoption table ( above and below ) did well and I know at least four of the dolls on this table were sold and it could have been more!

over on the other side were the visiting dolls.

A couple of well dressed school girls belonging I believe to Catherine French.

 more visitors

This row of gems belongs to Jane Mc

 Theresa's clan

Jane's girls again

Laura H's brother and sister studio dolls

the dolls in the bright clothes belonged to Teddy.

Julie W girl moving in at the side, looking quite shy .

Diane brought along some Sasha curio's so people could see them, from early production, books and fake Sasha's.

 and some fake Mexican Sasha's.

 I'll finish with the photo of Ollie and Bertie who look more like they are out for a day's fishing than taking part in a pirate parlay!

It total we raised around £1600 plus for the charity and had a lovely day while doing so, many thanks to everyone who took part on the day and from afar.

I've already agreed to next years event especially as I have a great theme planned which I know those who attend will make look fantastic as they do every year with their dolls.



  1. Well done all - fantastic result. Thanks Dee for your photos - it's so nice to see even if we can't attend.

  2. What a wonderful day it seems to have been. Each year seems to bring more things to buy and to look at.
    Hope all the Sashas had a great time chatting while the grownups did plenty of snapping photos and snapping up things the kids couldn't live without!

    Bertie - I have my eye on you long distance. Don't forget to take the ocaisional shower while you stay with Mrs. Mum and BRUSH YOUR HAIR!

    1. It is a great Sasha get together I have to say :)

      Bertie says his hair can only be brushed every Wednesday and he cannot shower due to having to brush his hair only on Wednesday ? !

  3. Thank you for posting the wonderful photos, unfortunately I couldn't attend although I so wish to . So it's nice to see and read your blog

    1. Thank you for coming along to see what we got up to :)

  4. Looks like a great day was had by all Dee. Love the crew! And those lovely chairs, I wouldn't have minded one or two of those myself. :) Thank you for inviting us, it was lovely to see even if we couldn't be there in person. Congratulations too all who helped raise the funds for your charity.
    Big hugs,

    1. I do believe those who attended had a good time. If you want some chairs remind me next year and I'll see if more appear! :)

  5. What a fantastic time you all had Dee, the displays and the sales tables are just lovely. Thanks so much for getting the chairs for me, I'm so glad you were able to get all three :) My kids will finally have somewhere to do their homework and eat their tea now. ;)
    That's great news on the amount raised, well done to all involved.
    And that was a beautiful girl in the brown dress on the sales tables!!!

    1. We did have a good day and those sales tables are just so tempting. your welcome re the chairs , now just need to get them into the post.

      I was amazed at how much we raised and those dolls up for adoption are wonderful to be able to see and then take home.xx

  6. What a fearsome gathering of Pie-rats! The Royal Navy must have been on high alert that day. What an all around great event - everyone had a fun time and money was raised for a very worthy charity. I thoroughly enjoyed all the pics here and on FB. Well done, Dee!

    1. It true was a dangerous palce to be! I believe they had a pirate ship harring the navy so they could slip through the nest and attend !
      Thank you , it was a good day with very generous Sasha people :)