Friday 25 October 2019


Most Sasha People will have heard of Jonathan Hayes, the founder and designer of the Nini doll.  We get to see his Nini doll creations from those first few sketches of inspiration ,through the selection of vintage fabrics, the creation of the doll's face and wig and the making of the clothes ,right up to the finished product.

I don't know about others , but sometime I find a doll 'speaks ' to me. This has happened with two of Jonny's dolls. The first was his doll from the sketch A Gift for Snow, I loved this girl in her fur hat and warm coat ready to visit her friends bearing gifts through the snowy weather. She appeared at the time that I had just lost my 14 year old Westie Izzy and was heart broken. I'd been watching her but thought she'd be snapped up but I believe she was meant to come to me because she was still available a few days after her presentation and I managed to send a very garbled email to Jonny asking to adopt her as a reminder of my little Westie and so Izzy came home to live with me.

And so I had a Jonathan Hayes Original Nini girl in my doll collection and was happy and content. That was back in 2017 and Izzy is a joy to own and have around to admire.

However Jonny will persist in making yet more beautiful Nini dolls and I have admired all those who have followed on from Izzy.

But of course if  temptation keeps being placed in front of you sooner of later another could tug at those heart strings ! And so it came to pass this year ! I watched as Jonny sketched , then selected vintage fabrics and painted the face, selected the hair and all the while this new creation called to me but I just watched having no intention of adding another to my home.

Then the doll was ready ! Shown in all it's glory ...dressed standing smiling presented up for adoption !
I cannot remember if I took any time or just emailed almost straight away as soon as the details arrived in my inbox !  A short layaway was agreed and the die was cast!

This week my new Nini arrived to join Izzy

The Dutiful Dreamer , a Tibetan boy who I have called Tashi , which is Tibetan for Happiness, Prosperity , Auspicious.

He makes me smile when I see his happy face, I love his clothes and he tells me he needs a Yak and some goats!

For the moment he's back in his box while I sort out a place for him and any future yak's or goats but his box is where I can take a peek to make sure he's happy while he waits.

Thanks to Jonny for allowing me time to pay his adoption fee, he will be treasured for years to come and I have every intention of passing my Nini dolls on in the family , Tashi is already promised to one of my daughters and Izzy to my grand daughter.

Now I just need Paul to make me a couple of stands and a nice place for them to live ! A husband's work is never done :)



  1. Your Dutiful Dreamer boy is amazing! I absolutely adore everything about him, and the name Tashi is both beautiful and perfect for him. Yes, he definitely needs a yak and some sheep. Congratulations on a superb addition to the village!

    1. Thank you :) He was one I just could not let pass by! he's already got a goat and a sheep on the way! No doubt he'll have a small herd before I know it!

  2. Congratulations Dee! I had never heard of these dolls before, but I took a look at his website and although Jonny's dolls are not really my type of doll, I admire all the work that goes into producing each one. I do love his sketches though, in particular the little French girl!
    Big hugs,

    1. Thank you :) He does do some amazing sketches and his attention to detail on his dolls and their clothing is superb. Yes they are not for everyone which is normal or there would not be enough to go round ! :) xx

  3. So wonderful. Truly a work of art (that can be held and snuggled and loved).

    1. Thank you Julie :) and can I say it was lovely to meet you and hope that we'll have another chance to meet up again in the future :) xx

  4. What a handsome boy, he really is lovely Dee and I'm so glad you were able to get him. I'm not into soft bodied dolls but I too love Jonny's sketches and his whole process of making and dressing the dolls, they really are little works of art.
    Big hugs xxx

    1. Thanks Sharon. He is so tactile which I love about Jonny's dolls and his sketches are just wonderful and you get one with each doll. hugs xx