Sunday, 1 December 2019

December December DECEMBER !!!!

Yes It's the first of December! The twelth month of the year.. the last month of 2019 ! How'd that come about?
Is all this global warming making the earth spin just that tiny bit faster and therefore the days are rattle passed quicker than we realise? Who knows ! but this year does seem to have been a bit of a runaway!

But yes it's December the 1st and for those who celebrate it the lead up to Christmas. All the shops are gearing up for Christmas with black Friday threatening to last until Christmas eve ! I have to say I have never been a 'sale' shopper. My take on it is, if you were not intending to buy it before the sale then it's not a saving but an extra expense. I also avoid the January sales for the same reason and I would never queue up to get into a shop sale, cause nothing on sale is worth wasting precious time queuing for.

I do , however, love strolling round the shops looking at the Christmas wears to decorate the home with, a much more dangerous passtime ! Being beguiled by those sparkly trinkets and decorations that will only be on display for one month of the year before tucked away until next Christmas. Although at the moment I'm struggling against a preference for lovely colourful soft toys! So far I have stopped myself buying about seven different coloured rabbits or dragons of varing sizes and I cannot even say they'd be for the princess that is Clara because it's me that's loving them and I've been told that her Maj already has too many soft toys but alas as a lover of colour in all it's glory these bright and colourful toys are calling to me..... not sure if I'll escape completely.. time will tell!

 Margaret, my kathe kruse girl, who I fell in love with at the Chat n Snap a couple of years back and was lucky enough to be allowed to adopt, comes into her own at this time of year , with her warm red coat and fur hat and muff.

 I have to say I have loved the Kathe Kruse dolls longer than I have loved Sasha, I have had a few over the last few years and some have moved on but I have a small core who are like Margaret, the keepers. I would love to add a couple more of the older ones in the future but like everything else with doll collecting, life gets in the way.

On another note, I cannot understand why everyone wears dark clothing but especially coats in the winter months! Apart from the fact it makes it hard to see people in the dark , it's also so blah! Lets see more reds, yellows, purples, pinks , light blues etc ! Woulldn't that be lovely! A rainbow of colour walking the streets and roads in winter!

Alas I have not been able to do anything this week apart from go to work then come home and rest as my arthritis as been very very bad in my left leg, a constant ache getting worse over the days.  What I should have done was take a couple of days off and rest it but I did not because we are short staffed however because I kept going, yesterday, I started to get spasms across my back, getting them also today! So the virus that had set off my arthritis has now worked it's way into the muscles in my back, so now I'll have to go to doctors to sort it out!
Hopefully they can help and a couple of days resting will also assist, of course because I cannot get about I feel the need to get on with all the things that require me to be up and about!!

Those of you on facebook will have seen Steve K's wonderful photo of his Christmas tree.

 Steve kindly said I could share it here for you all to see. Just look at those dolls and bears! Wonderful! I have told Steve I'll be taking the poor doll owner version once my tree is put up but since we are still trying to work out exactly where it can go, it won't be for a while yet! Steve's been a bear and doll collector for years as you can see by the quality of the ones in the photo.

So it just remains for me to remind you that doll shelf day is on the fifth, if you'd like to join it, it would be lovely.

Hoping the week ahead is a healthy one for you all and a happy birthday to everyone born this winter month of December.



  1. I love your Kathe Kruse doll Dee, she's gorgeous, such a sweet face. When I saw her she reminded me of a photo of my mum as a little girl, and funnily enough my mum's name is Margaret!!
    I agree that brighter colours should be worn all year round, not just in the summer months. My main coat is a cherry red one so you'd see me coming a mile off!!
    I absolutely love that photo of Steve's Christmas tree, it's just gorgeous, he has the most wonderful dolls, doesn't he!
    I hope your pain will ease off very soon, I think you need a holiday in the sunshine ;)

    1. Thanks Sharon. What a coincidence that your mum's called Margaret :) There is a photo round here somewhere of my sister Jacqueline in a very similar coat aged about two back in the late fifties. i must try and find it.
      Glad you are wearing anice colourful coat , mines bright purple! :)

      Steve's photo is just soooo wonderful, he always groups his dolls and bears so well together.

      The doctors have given me some strong painkillers to help, so hopefully i'll be running... okay walking about fine ina day or so :) xx

  2. Oh your Margaret is so gorgeous, at first I thought it was a real little girl. I love how she is dressed too, reminds me of a coat I had as a very small child. I own a couple of small KK dolls, but none so beautiful as yours.
    Thanks for showing Steve's photo, I'm not on FB so I would never have enjoyed it had you not posted it here. :)
    I do hope you feel better soon Dee.
    Big hugs,

    1. I have to agree, I just love every thing about her and she does so look like a real child would.

      Glad to be able to share Steve's lovely photo.

      I'm sure I'll be up and about soon :) xx

  3. Margaet is lovely, thank you for using her to send me HB wishes. I have a few KK dolls, but love looking at the older KK dolls like Steve's. Hope your back is better soon, you need to be able to carry Princess Clara around.
    I love soft toys - Jellycat have the most wonderful teal green dragon that is just fabulous - and then a tiny pink starfish that I suspect I will succumb to buying!