Sunday 10 January 2021


Well the second Sunday of the years arrived and I’ve hardly progressed since the last one ! Sunday that is not Year ! 

We have not had any snow , shame , but it as been quite cold and on one of the days it did try to snow but was a very weak effort! I can hear you all saying..... she wants snow ! She who as spent years complaining if it was forecast or actually arrived.......but now we are restricted by lockdown and I no longer have to head out at seven fifteen am , down twisting country lanes, well I can live with a small snowfall .


My plan of stacking four big piles of books in the living room in the hope it would inspire Paul to refit the old living room shelving into a bookcase in the lobby worked a treat!
When asked was I going to do anything with those books I was able to say well I need the unit made first!
I was a little worried it would make that area look untidy or full but it doesn’t, it look really nice and much to my surprise all the books fitted the space.

Well I say all the books, when what I should say is all the books in the four large piles on the floor, there are still the books in my glass doll cupboard in the studio ! But I’m working on a place for those to go.


On the doll front my AGFAT Elinor the Elizabethan girl arrived a couple of days early than expected which was lovely.
I’m very happy with her, she does have a sweet look to her and is wearing a lovely outfit.
At present she’s just arrived and been meeting a couple of the other dolls who are downstairs at present, Georgie, Dixie and Wren.

I also received the jacket and coat from Ginny of A passion for Sasha and have to that the denim style jacket , which I got in the purple needle cord is just gorgeous! Georgie took one look and snag it and is now looking very happy , although she says she needs a scarf and hat now !
Which I intend to have a go at making later today.

I finally phoned the doctors about my shoulder/ arm and had to have a call from a physio to be given some exercises to do ,to repair the damage done by my fall. So I am hoping that some knitting will help rather than hinder that.

I finally  finished my book , part was a bit boring but most very interesting. I think if I was American the 

Boring part about politics not related to the senate would have maybe held my interest more.

I then read a detective novel by Rosemund Lipton which was good.

So I now need another book to read unless I read one of my previous ones. I also need to get some sewing done this week so that the kitchen table can be cleared of my sewing machine. One of the things I did do this week was change how I store my cottons, needles, scissors etc. I have for a few years been using an old tool box of Paul’s. It was quite big and long and was the type when opened that had two shelves that opened out with a deep base. But really it was very cumbersome to cart about and hard to find a good place to store due to its size.
So I ordered a few small clear boxes and a stacking set with handle which also arrived this week and so I spent some time moving my sewing things over into various boxes in orderly fashion, all scissors, cutting equipment together, all needles etc on same unit and now I have a few smaller boxes that will fit into my sewing / fabric cupboard in the studio and be easier to just take out the boxes I need rather than everything else.

I will wish you all a lovely healthy week ahead.



  1. The books look neat and a room with books always looks cosy, I think.
    Elinor just looks lovely, with her sparkling eyes she shows a strong will and intelligence. I hope your shoulder wents better and I wish you a fine snowfall!

  2. It's funny how a change of life's circumstances changes your perspective! I must say, I like some snow, especially when I'm out with the dogs. That's surely because I don't have to drive any twisting roads to reach my office...
    I like Elinor's somewhat eager expression.