Friday, 29 January 2021


 "So where is the snow then? "  Adam asks

" Well it was right here on Sunday " Atticus replies " I was standing in this very spot !"

Adam sighs " Well I'm standing here now and there is not even a teeny tiny speck of snow " he sighs again

Atticus feels sorry his brother missed seeing the snow, he'd have liked someone to enjoy it with.

" Well there is supposed to be more snow coming " Atticus tells Adam, who looks happy at the news until  " But I don't known if it's down here or up north only "

" Up north ? " questions Adam

" Yes up north , not quite sure where up north is " he ponders " maybe where Santa lives ? That's north "

" Mmm " Adam thinks " I'm sure there must be more than one north because we live in North Herts, so we could be up north !"

Adam turns round and looks along the wall " Let's head this way maybe its more north and we can find some snow "

Atticus is not so sure they will but is happy to walk along the wall " Okay after you "

They reach the end of the wall where they don't find any snow but do find a traffic cone!

" Is that a snow cone ? " asks Adam laughing at his own joke 

Atticus smiles " It would be a giant one if it was " he jokes back.

"Why is there a traffic cone on the wall ?" Atticus asks

" Because the brick pillar was knocked down "

" Who by ? Mum? " 

"No not Mum "

"Dad then ? "

"No not dad "

"Vandals !" asks Atticus shocked 

Adam rolls his eyes " Not not vandals Mr M next door did it !

Atticus is even more shocked " Why! Doesn't he like us !"

"Silly ! it was an accident, he was going out in his great big van and his wheelie bin was too close and when his van pushed the bin, it pushed the pillar and it fell over ! The pillar that is not the van " Adam explains " an accident"

Pleased that we are not at war with the neighbours Atticus starts heading back along the wall, followed by Adam.

" Well since there is no snow here lets go play in the garden " Atticus heads off

Suddenly Atticus tumbles off the wall !

Adam looks over the wall " I'm fine " Atticus's somewhat winded voice says " I must have slipped on some ice "

"Mmm of course " Adam calls down while standing in the sunshine " Ice that's what caused it! This must be an accident black spot ! "


  1. A case of "all dressed up and no place to snow". I'm sure they will see some more white flakes yet.

    1. Alas that's the way where we live, snow everywhere but here! It needs to effect the whole country for us to get over than a sprinkling !

  2. Awww what a shame that the lads haven't got some snow to play in....but I bet mum doesn't feel the same way at the lack of the cold white stuff! It makes for great photos but oooooh COLD!
    Lovely photo story though Dee, love the boys warm winter outfits.

    1. It is and Mum does not like the cold! but it does make for great photos as you say :) xx