Wednesday 5 May 2021


 I always like to add the photos as they are received , adding more until it's time to post on the day.

So first up this month is.

Over at Ursula's Xavier is looking for bugs and insects amongst the beautiful spring flowers.

While his sister Mona is up in the Lilac tree looking down of the garden below.

Over at Gregoropolis two of the girls are doing that same but different! Even down to having teddies that match the colours of their clothes! Now that is taking it to the limit ! And one an np lass pretty in pink and a 68 dazzling in blue.

Here in the village , the button nosed girls wanted a group photo now that Octavia as joined the family Bea is enjoying being the only brunette! Or so she says at the moment.

The twins, Christian and Sebrina like to look the same but different ! I love the matching plaid of their clothing.

Over at RoRoPo , Rick is riding the newest mare Lefty, he is riding without a saddle as both he and the mare like this. The sun is shinning, the flowers are blooming and all is right with the world..bliss..

Halyna's girl Cora was out braving the rainy weather the other day.

When the rain stopped she look around for a puddle to walk in!

"Look mum ! My wellies work just fine !" she calls gleefully standing in the puddle.

Later Cora is resting on a tree , I have to say that is one smart raincoat and matching boot set.

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos for the post, more can be added if you would like to join in.


  1. I love Cora's rainwear, and your button nose girls are as cute as a button, but, oh Dee, you sooooo need a another brunette to balance things out! I'll say a little prayer to the Sasha god on your behalf ;-)

    1. Oh! You enabler you! lol yes say that prayer for later in the year ;)

  2. Many smartly dressed children to admire this month! Thank you!

  3. What an amazing set of photos this month!

    Sometimes, I wish there were other molds among the Trendons but, when I see this 5th page each month, I realise they are obviously related to one another, but very different in painting style.

    I love them all, but the Button Sisters are very special.

    1. Yes they can look so different just by how they are dressed

    2. Yes they can look so different just by how they are dressed