Sunday 23 May 2021


 Well that week whizzed past ! Started with me getting by second jab , next day hygenist and then next day doctors, so a busy week appointment wise and a wet one weather wise !

I have been buying some old used terracotta garden pots, they look so much nicer with some wear and tear and age to them plus they are eviromentally better than plastic. The Auriculars especially look good in the old pots. Well these pots can be quite pricy especially when you add in postage. So I found some on auction on ebay that was being sold by someone who lived not far away.

I won the three lots I bid on for their maiden bids, so Paul and I went to pick them up on Saturday. We arrived at the lady's lock up and we were chatting about the pots etc and she said she had some more if I was interested, of course I said yes, could I see them. 

Well I made an offer for all the ones in the two photos shown and she countered and we settled in the middle. So I walked away with over a 115 old terracotta pots for around 50 p each ! Result !

Today I have spent over three hours outside scrubbing some of the pots, letting them dry and then potting up some of the larger ones.

So on the doll front I sold another doll, which was good , I can now look at who else can now move on and also try and get back to more sorting. I have sorted out some sasha baby doll clothes since I now only have Elton Ron and no girl babies, so I'll be listing baby clothes soon on the sale page.

The twins helped out earlier in the week when I was sorting and moving plants but it was just too cold today to help with the washing of the pots but there is still plenty left to do , when the weather warms up !

Well I wish you all a lovely healthy warm week ahead and hope to see you again soon.



  1. A great find! You can't have too many pots.
    Well done twins - they are gorgeous in their dungarees.

    1. Thank you, there can never be too many pots just like there can never be too many dolls ! ;)

  2. Yes without these girls helping the garden would just be overgrown and plain!
    Thanks we love being potty :)

  3. Ah somehow missed this post, probably because I haven't been looking properly. The pots came up good after the scrub, but 115 pots is a lot of work Dee, you'll be really potty by the time you're done. The twins look great in amongst the greenery, just a pity you couldn't get them to wash the pots for you. 😁

    1. I will I have only done half so far ! now I need to find somewhere to store them
      where they won't get dirty again!
      I dare not let them near pots and water there would be even more mess to clear up ! xx