Sunday 9 May 2021


 Well after a few days with some rain here and there, we had a Saturday with most of the day getting a good soaking but since the ground desparately needs the water , it was worth putting up with.

We finally got to visit the grandchildren on Friday and to see my daughter's new house. The journey was fine and the roads not too busy plus Friday was a lovely dry bright day , just perfect for visiting.

Paul's had his second jab on Tuesday and apart from feeling more tired than usual the day after, he appears to not have had any other side effects which is good. He there between the rainy times as been carrying on with the gazebo's second wall. He's made two more window frames to fit either side of the old stained glass ones and once he's fitted them, he'll be ready to start on making the stained/leaded glass windows next week.

It's also now gardening time, so we are now having to spend some time doing the garden jobs, putting in wires for the climbing plants, weeding, planting up pots etc.

I am still working on reducing the amount of doll stuff I own , so am about to list a few more dolls once I decide who can go now and also what other clothes etc can be sold on. I will ,in some cases, even throw a few things out ! Yes I know ,, wasteful but I do have some things that are not Sasha related or suitable for my other dolls, so they must go !

I have a middle sized empty blue plastic box and have decided I need to fill it with all the things that can go! I have ordered some more cardboard boxes and padded envelopes , so that I will be able to post the items once they sell.

It's quite big , so should hold a fair amount of stuff, however will I be brave enough to fill it and then sell everything I put in there? When I had the other sort out , I removed at least three items because I decided that they could be used on a different doll or was too nice to sell on, even though they'd not been near nor by a doll for a good year at least!.

So I'll be listing things next week on the sale page , so keep them peeled, if you don't want to miss a nice outfit or even doll!

On the doll front I did sell a non sasha doll on Friday, so she's already in the post on her way to her new owner. I also sold another doll today, so they are slowly finding new homes.

A Gotz doll I sent to the US is still according to the tracking, sitting in the Chicago depot and not moving ! It's now been two whole months since it arrived there! I have tried everything to get them to look at it but their website just shuts down anything where it doesn't like the box ticked! So I am going to make a claim and see if it kicks them up the butt to get it delivered. I would hate for it to be lost and not arrive at it's new owners, yes I can get a refund etc but then the doll will be sold off I assume  and could land up anywhere!

I've decided that from the first of June , I will start using the studio for the doll stories, so I have a few more weeks to get my act together. 

Olivia changed into a more summery outfit , so Octavia would not feel left out by being the only button in summer clothes.

Well I have spent most of today working in the garden and now need to start looking into boxes of dolls clothes to see what more can go, so on that note I will wish you all a happy healthy dollfilled week ahead,



  1. You are always so busy! I do admire that.
    Olivia looks very cute in her new outfit, she and Octavia are very handsome! They will have much fun in their summery clothes.

    1. I'm not quite as busy as it appears but am good at making plans :) lol
      I'm enjoying these two buttons in their summer clothes

  2. I must not look, I must not look, I must not.....etc. But I probably will take a peek at your sales page later on in the week. Just add a bit that says +100% for anyone buying in Wales and you might save me from myself!

    You and Paul are true workaholics when it comes to your home and garden but the work you put in is always worthwhile.

    The girls are looking happy and summer-ready. They are a lovely pair. How many button kids do you have now? Bertie is hoping to see some of the boys again soon and yes, I am wavering over selling some of his Trendon friends and buying him a sibling with the proceeds, even though I should not be being any more dolls of any kind for at least a decade. (Now, I ask you, is it likely that I will manage that?!)

    1. You sound like me about any doll site or if something comes up in a feed for dolls.. I must not look...
      Paul does like to have a project on the go, which is great for me as I then get things made ! I'm more management lol although I do popper and achieve things while he does the big stuff!
      I have six buttons at present, five girls and one boy. And no you will never manage not buying any doll for a decade :) lol

  3. So nice that you were able to visit your grandchildren. John and I have now had both shots. You need to bottle some of that ambition and send me some; I can't seem to get a thing accomplished lately.

    1. Thank you it was :) Thats good you have had both shots, my seconds next week and hopefully my two yonger daughters will soon have their first one.
      I totally understand about not getting things done, we all suffer from that at times, maybe with the summer weather arriving it may help. I find the hardest thing is getting started once I'm into it then I'm fine ! :)

  4. That's a large box! So I keep my finger crossed you get it filled - and emptied again, that way making room and funds for new things!

    1. It is large ..maybe too large ... mind you not that I couldn't fill it many time over , its whether I'm willing to fill it!! Thats the question....

  5. Hi again,
    So pleased you have managed to sell off a few things, I got stuck into mine earlier and have just about rid myself of all my Disney dolls, thereby making room for more of what I love at present. It's a never ending merry-go-round here. 🤣
    Big hugs,

    1. Hi
      Yes it's lovel;y getting things sold but as you say we then head off to add something else !! Although I have sold more than I have bought so thats a bonus :) Hugs x