Wednesday, 20 April 2022



 Arabella is looking very serious! I wonder what she's doing?

Mmm she seems to be studying her notes.

Suddenly the door opens and in rush Marth and Violet " Sorry we're late " says Martha out of breath

" Yes Sorry Arabella " adds Violet " we got caught up with mum and couldn't get away "

"No problem " smiles Arabella " I totally understand how hard it is to escape mum sometimes "

The girls smile back " Come and take a seat "

" So " says Arabella " I am expecting Percy to join us but we cannot wait any longer, So lets bring this meeting to order "

"If we are ordering I'll have a burger!" say Toby coming into the room.

Arabella rolls her eyes " We are not ordering food! We are bringing the meeting to order " 

Toby grins while Arabella looks confused " What are you doing here? "

"Oh yeah! Percy said to tell you, sorry he cannot make the meeting but I'm to listen and report back to him"

"He sent you to report back? " Arabella asked not believing anyone would send Toby on such an errand 

" Yep" confirms Toby " but he said you had best make a note and send that with me in case I forget something "

"Well" sighs Arabella " you'd better take a seat and pay attention!"

Toby sits next to Martha 

"Now we will bring the meeting to order.. No! " Arabella warns Toby has he opens his mouth to speak

Toby laughs but stays quiet, so Arabella continues " This is the first meeting of the Queen's jubilee tea party "

Turning to Violet she continues " We will need flowers for the table, which we be very long so that we can all get round it "

" So how many are you thinking? six? eight? ten? " 

"Maybe have ten available, even if we don't use them all on the table, we can use them elsewhere "

" Any particular colours? " Violet questions

"What do you think for colours Martha, Toby?"

" Mm Purple and white ? " says Martha

"Red?" says Toby at the same time

"Purple and white sounds good" agrees Arabella " so lets go with that " She makes a note 

"What's wrong with red? " Argues Toby" I love red flowers!"

"There is nothing wrong with red bu  "

"Well then we need some red!"

Before they start arguing Violet jumps in " We could have some red flowers too, they could go around the table area ? "

"See " says Toby smirking at Arabella " let's have some big red flowers too!"

Arabella gives Toby a glare but adds red flowers to her list 

Arabella decided to ignore Toby and carried on with the meeting, looking over towards Violet she continues.

The girls are now talking about tablecloth's, crockery, colours of fabric etc, Toby is soon bored and Martha feels the sofa move. she looks over at Toby.

She's shocked to see Toby's helped himself a drink and a gingerbread man!

"Toby!" Martha whispers " we don't eat and drink until the interval "

"When's that? I'm starving!"

"It's usually halfway, so about 30 minutes " Martha whispers " So you'd best up those back!"

but before he can move Arabella looks over to see what they are whispering about.

 Arabella is not impressed to see Toby's already helped himself to refreshments! She knew he'd be problem the minute he arrived!

"It's not quite time for refreshments Toby " she states quietly 

" Why not? " Argues Toby " surely if it's there it doesn't matter when it's eaten? Why does it need to wait? Some of us are hungry now not in half an hour!" 

Arabella tries to explain " We are holding a meeting which needs to be run in a correct order" Toby opens his mouth, but Arabella's eyes take on a hard glint, so he shuts it again has she continues " Which means we eat at the halfway point, that way we get some work done first "

"Well" Toby thinks about what to do? does he really want to seat around with cakes staring at him for another twenty minutes? 

Toby gets up " Well I'd love to stay and stare at the food for ages, but I need to go on an important errand, so I bid you all goodbye!"

Arabella carries on the meeting ignoring Toby as he leaves, but she still sees him stop and help himself to a couple more biscuits.

Pockets full of biscuits Toby leaves watched by Violet.

but there are still plenty of cakes etc left.

The girls giggle as the tension drops with Toby's exit. 

"He is such a tike that boy! " Exclaims Arabella as the other two nod agreement " Martha can you give Percy the note about the meeting once we finish? " Martha nods " Right then let us continue. We will need Percy to make us a lovely long table to eat our jubilee tea at"

The meeting continues in peace with the girls stopping halfway through for refreshments before finishing in time to go off and start getting things agreed on underway.

Sometime later that afternoon the room is once again occupied

"Come to daddy!" Toby pulls the gingerbread man towards his mouth! " I knew those girls wouldn't eat all the cakes! "

All's quiet apart from the sounds of the smacking of lips and the sighs of bliss coming from the room.


It's been lovely and warm here today so I set up the room on the patio table!

Need to use earlier before the sun starts to affect the area 


  1. LOL!!!
    I fear Toby won't be invited to that tea party... which is a shame as it seems to be well organized.
    I had wondered what the holes in the floor were, but I didn't guess patio table.
    A lovely set of living room furniture!

    1. Oh Toby will make sure he's invited! Although from all the groaning and complaining that came out of that room due to eating too much, he may well not be eating anu more cakes! ;)
      I didn't have time to find a board to make the floor, so had to let the sun shine through the holes!! lol

  2. I'm eager to see how things progress for the committee. Poor Arabella, I'm afraid that Toby will drive her to wits end, although in truth, a lot of committees could use a Toby to shake things up a bit!

    1. Although Arabella does have a soft spot for Toby, I think he'll be getting on her last nerve by the time the Jubilee gets here!
      There's shaking things up and then there's Toby!..