Sunday, 10 April 2022


 Well it's Sunday again ! The day is lovely and bright but still with that edge of a chill in the air ! Not a lot's happened this week mainly due to me still being in pain due to the tooth removal. The gum is taking it's time to heal and so it's been awkward to eat or drink most days. But I'm hoping it will have improved this coming week or I may have to pop back to dentist just to have it checked.

It's also given me a cold ,just to add insult to injury !

I did however get to go and see the princess and her little brother, the prince , and spent a lovely day playing and chatting with them. Adam is now big enough to want to be included in all princess Clara's games and is at that stage where he is constantly jabbering away with lots of golly golly golly sounds. 

Courtney sent me a photo of him this morning, wearing two of Clara's cardigans, one on top of the other ! He likes to wear/ do anything like his big sis !

I have been knitting the sweater for my friends Roche doll and finally finished one and have almost finished a second one then they can be sent off and I can start knitting other things. I have to say I will be glad to finally not have to keep changing colours in odd ways and be able to finally just knit ! Once I have knitted a few other doll items I will have to get back to Adam's other cardigan and then a few more things for them.

You may remember way back years ago, we stopped work on the kitchen because , after completely refitting it, we decided that we would change the range for oven's that could go into a higher unit ? This I had suggested due to getting older , well now I have decided that since I love my range cooker and replacing it with something else involves another refit of part of the kitchen , I'd rather keep it and worry about any problems in that regard when they happen , if they ever do !

So finally Paul made, painted and fitted the kick boards under the units ! Next we have to decide if we replace the wooden worktops or sand them back as these ones have not been as good as the ones they replaced. Then finally Paul can tile the walls behind the cooker and between the worktops , mind you going by our previous work rate this will take a while ! But at least a plan is now in place !

On the doll front not much has been happening. I'm still waiting for my doll to arrive, she'll take a couple of weeks , I have to confess I did make a cheeky offer on another, who is now also on her way and also had a Sasha put on a short layaway ! So maybe a lot happened !!

Well I'm off to finish knitting that sweater , so I can start on some others while making plans of all the things I need to start doing or that will need doing now that springs arrived.

Wishing you all a happy healthy week ahead



  1. Well the girls seem ready to help you with the work, dressed in their practical dungaree sets. Or do I see a tiny bit of hesitation? I'm not certain

    1. Alas these girls may pull out the odd weed here and there but they would much rather be off playing or reading than helping in the garden ! If you ask them to help they go look for the twins and give them the job !