Wednesday 27 April 2022


 This week it's button ( no ) nose week on the Sasha group on Facebook! So lots of lovely button kids showing their sweet little faces.

Of course my ever shrinking  band of buttons wanted to go see everyone.

Arabella, wanted to change but i say she looked fine and if she wanted her photo to be put on, she'd best accept it or she'd miss her chance!

Margo was more than happy to stay in her dress, she is being very serious at the moment and spending her time writing her diary and reading.

While Magda knows she looks good and with the weather keep chopping and changing at the moment she was more than happy to not to change.

The girls come together for a group photo.


  1. I didn't realize there were only three buttons left in your family! But they make a lovely group.

    1. Alas there are really only two! for Margo is off to live at the seaside but may come back in a few years.