Tuesday, 5 April 2022


 Yes it's that time again and what a beginning to the month it's been as can be seen in the first photo sent in below.

Yes that is SNOW ! Caleb even had to go and build a snowman so we would all believe it snowed that much in Germany just this week ! Mummy Hildegard calls him back inside for some hot chocolate to warm him back up !

Even all the way over the pond in the US, Steve's girl Lulu decided that she'd best keep on her lovely warm dress because it may be Spring but the weather seems to think it's still winter ! She says if daddy Steve would actually put some money in her purse she'd be able to cover any changes in the weather by buying things ! especially chocolate which solves all problems !

Meanwhile Wanda is thankful for Mummy Ursula finishing her lovely warm sweater , so she can enjoy a trip round the garden looking at the lovely spring flowers without freezing.

Atticus is so glad he didn't leave his hat inside because the wind is just so cold ! But since he is feeling nice and warm in his sweater and hat he's going to go and explore the garden just in case the snow decides to arrive !

From Karin in Switzerland we have Lucy who changed ready for summer only for the snows to return ! She's off to find a cardigan as soon as this photos taken !

Thank you to everyone sending in a photo and taking part. There is always time to add another, so just send it in.

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  1. Ah my second Caleb for today, and here I was complaining we don't see enough boys around "Dolly Town". :)
    They all look delightful Dee and very well dressed too!
    Big hugs,