Sunday, 3 April 2022


 and it is cold ! After showing us that lovely warmer weather , encouraging all the plants to start growing and sticking their heads above the earth, the weather's gone back to mid winter , with snow showers and bitterly cold winds ! But the days have mostly , between the icy showers been beautifully bright, so it does give one the belief that spring will return and warm us again and we can get back outside for more than a couple of minutes!!

Sapphire and Violet are out in the sun has the day is starting to warm up but still chilly enough for a coat.

They keep telling me they need to change into their gardening gear, so they can get out and start dead heading and digging the ground over ! So that's to be added to list of things that need doing !

I had to have a tooth removed this week , so am dealing with that at the moment, amazing how strange it is to try and eat on one side of your mouth for a few days !

Today I made a big mistake while trying to save some space ! The beautiful flowers than Lindsey bought me for mothers day had finished, so I washed up the lovely glass jar vase they came in and went to find space in the cupboard.

In the cupboard was the green vase on the left . So what did I think was a good idea ? 

Oh yes I did ! I turned the jar vase upside down and placed it into the green vase and it fit back in th cupboard beautifully , it was only then I thought maybe I should put some cardboard between the vases so they don't get stuck ! Yep ! it was too late , they were stuck fast ! Paul and I then spent twenty minutes trying to get them apart, using pulling, water etc, then Paul squirted washing up liquid all round the edge and left them for a while, then eased a ultra thin metal blade between and it moved !!!

So success they are now apart and the green is back in the cupboard and the jar needs a home... 

On the doll front I sold two more ! Totally unexpected since both had been sitting around a while , so they were sent off to their new owners. I am now using royal mail collection service, I can buy the postage online and for 60p extra they will bring a printed label, collect the parcel on a day and time period agreed and you can even go into their system late in the evening and get the parcel collected the next morning. So my poor postwoman is having to now collect all sorts of parcels from me. But it's saving petrol and time getting to post office, waiting in a queue and even cost of parcels as they will usually be a few pounds cheaper posting via online.

I also have a small non Sasha doll layaway I finished , so she will be on her way here over the next few weeks. I haven't bought any wool or dolls items , so that's a plus.

Now I have to finish some sweaters I am making for some non Sasha dolls , I got into reading a couple of books, then I need to start using up some of my fabric. 

A reminder that it's almost the fifth! So doll photo day , please send in your photos, we love seeing what your dolls are up to or dressed in or both !

So on that note I will wish you all a happy healthy week ahead 



  1. That mistake with the vases could have been mine!!! How lucky you've got Paul who always can help. And while Sapphire and Violet are doing the gardening, there may be more time for good books...
    Hope you'll recover soon from the tooth removing and wish you all a very happy spring week!!!

    1. I was very lucky those vases came apart without one breaking ! I won't be doing that again !
      Sapphire and Violet will be very busy with all the garden work needing doing !
      I do love to read ! ;)