Monday 27 June 2022


 I should have done the catch-up Sunday but spent most of Sunday helping to lay weed suppressant and raking over wheelbarrow loads of gravel. we were doing really well but alas run out of gravel before we could finish, so a new bag will need to be ordered.

It looks like it's completely covered but more is needed at the top by the bench and also along the side where you step into the area.

Seeing the area, finally cleared and with new gravel, you can see the size. We have been trying to decide what to put this end by the lychgate and do have an idea or two! Luckily, we were able to get on with putting the gravel down as the day was very sunny but had a very cold wind.

Cleaned out the pots from the lychgate, just the bricks for the pond walls left.

Someone came to help out.

He is inspecting the small old paving slabs which will be stored for future use.

On the doll front, well I have been away so nothing going out and just an order coming in from Ginny's.

It may be quiet doll wise here for a week due to the garden work and the weather but hopefully there will be things for the dolls to share later.

Have a lovely healthy week ahead



  1. This looks like one of these Japan Gardens. So clean and neat! A place one likes to be. And how good someone came to help...

    1. Once the pond is in it will improve and it's always been a lovely place to just sit and enjoy. Percy is waiting to help dad with the brickwork!